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Lush SUP denial upheld by City Council

January 28, 2004

The Dallas City Council has voted to uphold the Cityís Plan Commission denial of the Lush Specific Use Permit this afternoon.

The unanimous vote in favor of a denial without prejudice allows the owners to reapply for an SUP after one year of operation as a restaurant.

In a last-minute effort to win support at the Council, the owners hired Roy Williams and Marvin Crenshaw to ferret out community support where none existed.

    Yeah, that made a big impression on the Council. Mr. Williams also represents Milkbar in its SUP process.

The Belmont NA, Lower Greenville NA and nearly all of the neighbors in the area asked that the SUP be denied with prejudice over the course of the past three months. Area residents testified for the preservation of their neighborhood (including a Habitat community), and consideration of the noise and traffic problems that Lush would generate.

    A supporter of the SUP had the chutzpah to claim that the area was previously inhabited by drunks, lushes and winos until Lush came along to clean things up.

    That kind of garbage is an insult to the residents who have sunk their lives and hard-earned money into the area. Of course, this clown lives in far north Dallas and would not recognize a real bum in a million years.

    He also claimed he had lots of signatures from just Hispanics who were excited about this kind of cool restaurant coming to their neighborhood.

    BD opines - The last time we heard that line, it was Marc Andres and Brian Loncar trying to drum up support for the floating bar / theater concept.

    You have to wonder - Why would they support a bar or restaurant as good for the neighborhood if in fact they could not even afford to eat there??

Dallas City Council Representative Veletta Lill told her colleagues that Lower Greenville is at a nuclear level and that this type of development is not good for the neighborhoods around it.

She noted (not sic):

    While we welcome restaurants that operate within code and without looking for exceptions, such as York Street Cafe, we canít handle another business which is going to impact the neighborhood so deeply.

Lush has been under construction for nearly a year, but only approached the Plan Commission and residents just a few months ago. The location was cited for illegal construction and building off the plan on numerous occasions.

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