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Beth Ann wants to be a council member really bad
She just doesnít know which district she wants to represent

March 3, 2004

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A review of City of Dallas Campaign Finance Reports reveals that Beth Ann Blackwood (see: Who the heck is Beth Ann Blackwood?) filed her first report less than two months after the May 2003 City Council elections.

But at the time of the filings, she apparently had no idea which City Council district she wanted to represent.

BD has heard of lawyers shopping for judges, but shopping for Council districts?

BD filed an Open Records Request for the records after Ms Blackwoodís pseudo-newsletter came out two weeks ago.

So where do you want to live this year?

On all the reports - July 2003 and January 2004 - the answer to Item #12 Office Sought is listed as not known.

Ms Blackwood listed her law firm address as her Candidate/Officeholder Address (5910 N. Central Expressway). The cover letter for the December 2003 filing was printed on her law firm letterhead and signed by her assistant (who also notarized the documents).

Her self-proclaimed Neighborhood Newsletter and web site both are produced by the Beth Ann Blackwood Committee, 3006 Woodside #8015, Dallas, Texas 75204.

    You have to look really carefully for the address on the website - itís posted in yellow type against a white background.

There is no listing for residential property at this address in the Dallas County Appraisal District files.

Her campaign treasurer is listed as Lila Coe, who also works for Ms Blackwoodís law firm.

The pseudo-newsletter was published and mailed after the December 31 reporting date, so BDís copy of the records do not indicate how much has been spent for the newsletter, Rob Allynís consulting services, the web site or other campaign expenses. It will be July 2004 before those records are available.

The plot thickens. . .

BD has fielded an enormous amount of phone calls and emails about Ms Blackwood and her pseudo-campaign.

Ms Blackwood has apparently decided that questions raised about her pseudo-newsletter and pseudo-campaign do not require any answers directed to the people she plans to represent.

Letís rephrase that -

    By not declaring that she is a candidate for Dallas City Council District 14, she does not have to answer questions about a campaign that does not really exist.

Oops. We forgot about those nasty domain names, didnít we.

    Rob Allynís firm owns the domain names BethAnnBlackwood. com/net/org and DallasDistrict14. com.

    They were purchased on January 14th, 2004.

    The reader reply card for the newsletter is addressed to Rob Allynís office on McKinney Avenue.

If it walks like a City Council candidate and smells like a . . . . well, letís not go there.

So you are running why. . . ?

In amongst all the e-mail about Ms Blackwood, BD had a message from someone who not only knew her, but supported her charge for a seat (any seat) at city council.

Since BD respects this person for his other accomplishments, we will not post his name here.

    Beth Ann Blackwood is an outstanding candidate for City Council that I have been encouraging to run for nearly two years.

    She is an excellent lawyer who is very interested in her district, and in particular, reducing the crime rate.

    You really ought to meet her, so you can quit barking at the moon!

BD replied. . .

    Ms Blackwood may be capable and interested, she may be a good attorney too.

    But she has zip history of voting in local elections, she moves into the district just before Council 2003 elections, she has no experience with local issues or folks, and no one knows who she is???

    You know I respect you more than that!

His reply did not answer these any of these comments, just admonished BD to get to know Ms Blackwood better.

Our phone number is 214. 824. 5771 - operators are standing by!

BD would love to talk to Ms Blackwood, but she has yet to reply to any e-mail messages or the comments posted on this web site.

BD would call her at work, but we might interrupt the editing for her next newsletter.

BD and about a dozen neighborhood activists would love to meet with Ms Blackwood. We would even recommend a favorite hamburger joint on Lower Greenville for the affair.

    Hey, Beth Ann, the phone number is printed really big four paragraphs up. Call me, letís do lunch.

BD just does not think Ms Blackwood could find Lower Greenville without using the GPS system in her car.

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