September 20, 2000
DFD announces 23 streets to get NO PARKING protection

The Dallas Fire Department announced that 23 blocks of residential streets in the southern portion of Lower Greenville area will soon have ONE SIDE NO PARKING designation, following two weekends of late evening emergency vehicle access surveys.

After two surveys of streets not even in the area, plus stories on Fox4 News, The Daily Dog and, DFD Chief Debra Carlin ordered a complete survey of the area, generally bounded by Mockingbird, Abrams, Ross, and Henderson. The list released today represents the first phase of parking restrictions to be implemented immediately. Streets not listed below but included on our original list (click here) will continue to be monitored for future restrictions.

According to Chief Carlin's memo,

As a result of the study, I have requested Transportation to designate several streets No Parking on one side. The side selected as No Parking is the side where the fire hydrants are located. Fire companies encountered access problems on these streets on more than one occasion during the survey. Many other problems which restricted the fire apparatus' ability to make turns can be resolved with a stricter enforcement of current state laws regarding the distance cars can be parked from a STOP sign (30 feet) or crosswalk (20 feet).

DFD critics had contended that residents in the upper end of Lower Greenville had been protected for years after the Great GAABA War of 1980 (similar to the events taking place on Lower Greenville - bars vs neighbors), but that similar streets (by width) were being ignored in the Lower Greenville area. DFD rules require a 20-foot clearance for all fire service vehicles. This put area residents in danger should a fire occur - DFD vehicles would not be able to reach homes if the streets were filled with vehicles owned by bar and restaurant patrons parking on both sides of the street.

Residents were concerned that the City was permitting dangerous parking conditions in order to give the bars and restaurants more patron parking in the area. The Lower Greenville area (Ross to Belmont) is nearly 700 spaces short of true required parking (all conditions being optimal, which they aren't), there is no free and clear off-street parking (per City Code and the Modifed Delta Parking Overlay) at any bar or restaurant, and valet fees are in the $10 - $15 range per vehicle every weekend. This forces patrons to park in the neighborhoods.

In addition to No Parking on One Side of the Street signs, nearly 40 street corners will get stronger enforcement or more signage warning drivers not to park within 30 feet of STOP signs or 20 feet of crosswalks. This type of illegal vehicle parking severely impeded DFD entry and exit into these smaller streets. DFD Chief Carlin emphasized, and The Daily Dog fully supports, an education program to remind drivers how to park properly in any part of the City.

One problem Chief Carlin found in many parts of the area were vehicles parking 18 inches from the curb. Just because that is legal does not mean you should do it - if you park 18 inches from the curb, and the guy across the street parks 18 inches from the curb, that removes 3 feet from the street where the emergency vehicle must pass through.

Chief Carlin noted

This area will continue to be monitored by fire companies who regularly respond to this area as some additional strets were found to have narrow access one time during the survey. Most of these problems were caused by one or two vehicles parking across from each other rather than an entire block of parked vehicles. If continuing problems are encountered, the Fire Department will request additional No Parking on One Side of the Street areas to be designated.

Once the signs are installed on the streets, The Daily Dog will begin a massive Resident Only Parking awareness campaign- promoting the benefits of taking back your streets - so that the unaffected side of the streets will be used by residents only. For more information about ROP, click here.

These streets are scheduled for No Parking On One Side of the Street signage (the side is determined by the location of the fire hydrant). This list was updated on November 3, to reflect changes made by the City's Public Works and Transportation Department.

5200 - 5421 Anita No parking on the even side of the street
2000 - 2400 Concho Restrict parking at corners only
2500 Concho No parking on the odd side of the street
5800 Hoskins 96 feet from the corner of 1900 Hubert on the odd side of the street and 67 feet from the corner of 1900 Hubert on the even side
1700 - 1800 Hubert

Between La Vista and Hoskins - no parking on both sides of the street.

Restrict parking on west side only between La Vista Court and Ross.

5700 - 6000 Kenwood Restrict parking on corners and mid-block (100 feet minimum area) only for the 5700 and 6000 block.
5800 - 6000 La Vista No parking on even side of the street
5700 La Vista Court No parking on the odd side of the street
5500 - 6000 Martel

5500 - Restrict parking 10 pm to 6 am

5600 - Restrictions already in place.

5800 - Restrictions already in place

5900 - Restrict parking from 10 pm to 6 am

5400 - 5500 Miller Restrict parking on corners and mid-block areas.
5800 - 6000 Oram

No parking on the odd side of the street for 6000 block only.

Restrict parking on corners and mid-block areas only for 5800 and 5900 blocks.

These intersections are designated for No Parking Here to Corner signs or better enforcement, as determined by the Public Works and Transportation Department and DPD.

5700 Oram (major problem) 5200 - 5600 Winton (major problem)
Anita and Ellsworth Anita and Skillman
Bremen and Matilda Bremen and McCommas
Bremen and Penrose Bonita and McMillan
Concho and Marquita Concho and Vanderbilt
Ellsworth and Worcola Ellsworth and Matilda
Hoskins and Matilda Hoskins and Hubert
Hubert and Oram La Vista and Matilda
La Vista and Hubert La Vista Ct and Hubert
La Vista Ct and Matilda

Longview and Worcola

Marquita and Concho Matalee and Anita
Merrimac and Worcola Matalee and Anita
Oram and Matilda Prospect and Hope
Prospect and Matilda Prospect and Delmar
Vanderbilt and Worcola Velasco and Matilda
Winton and Concho Worcola and Martel
Worcola and Matalee Worcola and Ridgedale
Worcola and Vanderbilt Worcola and Goodwin
Worcola and Vickery Worcola and Miller
Worcola and Miller Worcola and Willis
Vickery and Matilda