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St. Patrick's Day 2001

This page is a summary of, and links to, much of the information posted online on this website.

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January 29, 2001

Curb Your Car Day kicks into high gear

On behalf of your neighbors, BD wants to thank everyone who has volunteered to deliver flyers or donated cash to defray printing expenses for Curb Your Car Day.

More than 10,000 flyers will start showing up in residential mailboxes just before St. Patrick's Day 2001. The front side will outline what has happened since last year's riot and drinkathon. The back side will identify event sponsors, explain how to handle emergencies on event day, and who to file your complaints with at City Hall after the event.

The goal of Curb Your Car Day is to deny the expected 15,000 patrons access to neighborhood parking spaces within a one-mile radius of the war zone at Greenville and Vickery, thus forcing them to use shuttle busses (tentatively sponsored by the Dallas Observer) and not impact the neighborhood.

The next meeting of the St. Patrick's Day Special Event Committee is on Thursday, February 1, at the Dallas Convention Center. Final presentations about one-side-of-the-street parking, street closures, shuttle busses and extra police patrols will be made.


City Staff covering for the bars - again?

During the last meeting of the St. Patrick's Day Special Events Committee, City Staff said we would need petitions signed by residents to close off streets for one side parking.

When we asked how the streets were blocked during the White Rock Marathon, Staff hemmed and hawed and said they would have to get the answers later.

Duh? Do they think we are that stupid?

BD contacted the White Rock Marathon staff and got the answer today -

The Dallas White Rock Marathon does not request "one side parking" in the neighborhoods or "no parking" on the streets, so I can't be much help to you.

We do obtain a Special Events Permit from the city and work with Phedra Amarante, Special Events Manager, and Pat Cheshier [DPD].

Debye Humphrey
Race Director - 2000 Dallas White Rock Marathon

So I guess we can expect one-side street parking to happen without the petitions, right?


Curb Your Car Day gains momentum

BD knew that Curb Your Car Day was destined to make a difference when a business owner in the St. Patty's party zone called him to complain.

This person did not realize that BD was also on the same committee she is part of. She then said, They have parades in Manhattan all the time and no one cares. What's the problem with this event?

BD told her that this event impacts a neighborhood and after last year the neighborhood had enough and wanted better management of the event.

Her answer: You're just one of those busy-body neighbors who don't have anything better to do.

Great public relations team you have there, guys.

The offers for copy and distribution services, as well as cars from other neighborhoods to park in ours, are still coming in. We have posted a Curb Your Own Day Action Plan for the event, with lots of great ideas to make sure that nearly 4,000 parking places around the party zone are temporarily unavailable on St. Patty's Day.

Let me take a moment here to clarify one point: Curb Your Own Car Day is a neighborhood event and is absolutely not related to any actions taken by the St. Patrick's Day Special Event Committee.

In other words, it is not a bargaining chip to force the sponsoring bars and restaurants to modify their plans.

BD is confident that the City will ignore its responsibilities to the residents by not requiring any protection for the neighborhood (becasue current City Code is weak and any effort to make changes not required will be fought in court or ignored), and the bars will not pay for any off-duty officers or agree to a resident-only parking zone around the party zone. In other words, Business as usual and screw the residents!

That said, the bars can kiss 4,000 parking spaces good bye! The simplicity of this neighborhood holiday is that by 9 am Saturday morning, there will be parking spaces on any residential street in the area, and the bars and City cannot do one thing to stop it.

Ain't democracy fun!


First meeting of the full committee - bars, residents and City staff - click here


Changes on the committee

Dallas City Council Representative Veletta Lill released a list of neighborhood representatives to the St. Patrick's Day Committee of residents and event organizers for areas represented by herself and John Loza.

Mary Poss' nominees came in late. Due to prior obligations, Ron Walenta asked the Greenland Hills Crimewatch Board to replace him on the committee, but he will act as an advisor for safety issues. John T. Carlisle was approved by the Board to take Ron's place.

The committee had a strategy meeting this week in anticipation of their meeting with the business representatives and City officials next week.

This is the final list of committee members.

  • Claire Collins, Vickery Place NA
  • Daron Tapscott, Vickery Place NA
  • Benita Bernard, Lower Greenville NA
  • Joanne Rhone, Lower Greenville NA
  • Avi S. Adelman, BarkingDogs.org
  • Cheryl Kellis, Lower Greenville West NA
  • Bill Dickerson, Lower Greenville West NA
  • Dave Blewett, Greenland Hills Crimewatch
  • John T. Carlisle, Greenland Hills Crimewatch
  • Marvin Singleton, Greenland Hills Crimewatch
  • Advisors: Ron Walenta and Allen Gwinn

No drunks allowed?

In a letter to BD, DISD Board President Roxan Staff has agreed to not allow the use of Robert E. Lee Elementary School (or any other DISD property) to be used for bar patron parking on St. Patty's Day. The parking lot will be reserved for the use of the Dallas Police Department's Mobile Command Post.

How many people were out there?

After talking to DPD officers who were closely involved with last year's event, including being right in the middle of many of the incidents shown on TV, BD is confidently posting these numbers:

  • Estimated attendance - 15,000 (up from the 10,000 noted at the community meetings
  • Arrests - 75 - 100 (public intox, disorderly conduct, public urination, assault, etc)


On St. Patrick's Day 2000, nearly 10,000 people invaded Lower Greenville to attend events centered near Greenville and Llano.

The results were a neighborhood disaster - traffic gridlock, fights and mini-riots, and drunks all over the area. The bars sat back and counted the money. The residents counted their blessings that they were still alive.

But this year was different. On June 6, on the demand of area residents, a community meeting was held and the damages reviewed. Out of this meeting came a demand for the neighborhood to be part of the planning process, or no more St. Patrick's Day events on Lower Greenville.

The first draft of the neighborhood's requirements were submitted in September, and these are being reviewed by the businesspeople. The City has been meeting with the businesspeople to review the requirements.

But only this past week were the names of the area residents sitting on this committee announcend - two months after the City started holding meetings with the businesspeople.

BD is a member of this committee (see list below) and will be taking a very pro-resident stance (and we have been assured that others on the committee are also taking a pre-neighborhood position).

We have secured documents under Open Records Requests about the meetings already held between the City and the businesspeople - and we don't like what we are reading. Protests have already been filed on plans to allow parking on Matilda. Despite the fact that Greenville will be barricaded to traffic at Belmont and McCommas, forcing traffic onto these two streets, some businesspeople just want more parking in the neighborhood (and don't forget the safety issue - more drunks getting killed as they waddle to their cars on Matilda should be loads of fun to watch).

As events progress, we will post more information on this page. Get on our mailing list so you are notified when there is important news to report to the community.


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