The BD / DART arrest report: Vaudevillian comedy at its finest!

The DART Police Department released nearly 160 pages of information about BD's arrest by DART Police Officer Stephanie Branch #331 on February 9th, 2016, at the Rosa Parks Plaza.

BD was arrested for the horrible crime of taking photographs in public (DFR paramedics treating another K2 victim, one of hundreds since December 2015). The official charge was 'criminal trespassing,' but that was just a catch-and-release to satisfy the officer's need to prevent photographs from being taken for any number of illegal and unconstitutional reasons.

The charges were dropped a week later, but only after BD spent a night in Lew Sterrett and unbearable negative publicity was heaped on DART by local media who don't follow the DART party line.

Photo #7995 - 7:42 pm

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DART Cops Arrest PINAC Reporter Photographing in Rosa Parks Plaza, Dismiss Charges

Grant Stern / Photography Is Not A Crime

Dallas Area Rapid Transit cops arrested photographer Avi Adelman in Rosa Parks Plaza, while photographing EMTs administering aid to a catatonic man Tuesday of last week.

On Wednesday of this week, DART issued a statement dropping all charges against PINAC reporter Adelman, as you can see below.

Ironically, the cops who chose to ignore Adelman’s civil rights, did so in a plaza named after the bus-riding civil rights legend Rosa Parks, who was arrested for riding in the front of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama decades ago.

A careful review of the facts show that Adelman was in fact, arrested in a traditional public expressive fora, engaged in protected free speech.

Federal lawsuits filed by citizens against their local governments for abridging free speech activities have been won in far less clear circumstances than these.

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DART drops criminal trespassing charges against Barking Dog

Eric Nicholson / Dallas Observer / 2.16.2016

Avi Adelman is a free man.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit informed Adelman on Tuesday that the agency is dropping criminal trespassing charges. Adelman, a self-described citizen journalist and well-known gadfly, was arrested by DART police while photographing an incident at Rosa Parks Plaza, a transit hub in downtown Dallas.

“A review of the arrest revealed that it was not consistent with DART Police policies and directives and therefore the case will not be filed with the Dallas County District Attorney,” read the letter, which DART spokesman Morgan Lyons forwarded to the media on Monday. “Although the officer’s actions appear to be within her authority, they are not in line with department directives concerning photography on DART property. A formal review of all aspects of the incident is underway.”

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"Citizen journalist" claims he was wrongly arrested by DART police

James Rose / Fox4 News

Longtime Dallas community activist and citizen journalist Avi Adelman was arrested on Tuesday of this week by DART police for criminal trespass.

Adelman was taking pictures in a public area of the main DART station in downtown Dallas, of a man being treated by Dallas Fire Rescue. "They were picking on me because I had a camera, said Adelman on Saturday.

"I walked up to it. I'm standing about 20 feet away. I just started taking pictures, I don't talk to the paramedics. I don't talk to the patient. I just start taking pictures. I simply observe and document and shoot about 100 photographs. And that's when the officer got in my face and said you can't take pictures this is private. I said no it isn't we're in a public area."

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DART cop arrests BarkingDog for taking photos at Rosa Parks Plaza

Eric Nicholson / Dallas Observer / Friday, February 12, 2016

Photographer and First Amendment activist Avi Adelman was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing shortly after taking this picture.EXPAND

Four decades ago, when he was 16, Philadelphia police wrote Avi Adelman a ticket for violating curfew. In all the time he's spent chasing cop cars and ambulances with his camera, in his quarter century as the Barking Dog of Lower Greenville, in the 59.85 years he's spent being Avi Adelman, that was the closest he'd ever been to the inside of a jail cell — until Tuesday night.

The evening started out innocently enough. Adelman's wife was at a meeting at their daughter's school, which left Adelman to take care of dinner. The plan was that she'd text him when she was preparing to leave, at which point he'd buy tacos from Fuel City on Riverfront Boulevard. That way, the food would still be hot when they rendezvoused back at their home in East Dallas.

Adelman arrived downtown with about an hour to kill, so he put in his earpiece and turned on a police scanner. Adelman is a semi-professional crime buff. Since 2008 he's run Daily Crime Report, which sorts Dallas police crime reports by neighborhood. He's been an enthusiastic photographer of crime scenes for even longer, snapping pictures of problem drunks and public urinators on Lower Greenville Avenue for He has since intensified his efforts, routinely listening in on the police scanner and chasing down train wrecks, K2 overdoses and weed busts. Adelman's repeated encounters with camera-shy first responders have led to his unlikely emergence as a quasi-respectable First Amendment activist.

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