Locations in Lower Greenville, Frisco, Southlake among 29 Wal-Mart stores closing in Texas

Maria Halkias/Retail Writer / Dallas Morning News

Wal-Mart plans to close 269 stores worldwide, including 29 in Texas and a high-profile Neighborhood Market location on Lower Greenville in Dallas. The last day for most of the stores will be Jan. 28.


While Wal-Mart has closed stores overseas and even left entire markets, it hasn’t made a practice of closing big swaths of stores in the U.S. Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon had said in October that the company was reviewing its store fleet, including its 4,600 U.S. stores.

Wal-Mart spent a lot of time and money on opening the Lower Greenville store, converting an empty building that used to house Whole Foods and Blockbuster and dealing with a strong outcry from Lower Greenville neighborhoods. It also agreed to not be open 24 hours.

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Texas cops and paramedics misapplying HIPAA laws, threatening photographers with arrest for photographing accident victims

In life, there are questions which – no matter how many times you ask – simply cannot be answered. Who shot JFK?? Did men really walk on the moon?? Is there a God??

But when the question involves your civil liberties and possibly being arrested for taking photographs, there should be a clear-cut answer.

Our question for today is direct: If you are taking photographs of paramedics treating an accident victim on the street in Arlington, Texas, will you be arrested for violating the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a rule which protects information about patient treatment and medical records?

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Neighbors band together to take down burglar

J.D. Miles

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Don’t mess with our neighborhood. That’s the message from a group of homeowners who caught a car burglar in the act and teamed up to apprehend him.

Homeowners on the 5000 block of Reiger Avenue were fed up with recent garage thefts and car break-ins that police haven’t been able to stop.

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Cyclist seriously injured after being hit by car crossing Santa Fe Trail

Claire Z. Cardona / Dallas Morning News

Published: September 10, 2015 2:31 pm

A woman riding her bicycle on the Sante Fe Trail in Old East Dallas on Wednesday night was struck by a car that ran a red light, police say.

Photo Copyright / Avi S. Adelman, PhotographerOnBoard.com

About 7:30 p.m., police said John Cullins of Royse City ran the light at the trail crossing with South Munger Boulevard and hit 26-year-old cyclist with his 1995 Toyota Camry.

The cyclist was transported by ambulance to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas in serious but stable condition, police said.

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Photos from incident here - slightly NSFW

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Barking Dog, a downed Dallas cop and the limits of body-camera transparency

By Eric Nicholson - Dallas Observer

A pair of Dallas cops — assisted by a passing middle-schooler — move to block East Dallas activist/photographer Avi Adelman's view of a police officer who collapsed on the Santa Fe Trail in March. (photo: Avi S. Adelman)

It's been more than five months since Barking Dog Avi Adelman, formerly of Lower Greenville, currently of what we'll refer to as Greater Junius Heights, raced to the Santa Fe Trail to take pictures of a cop who collapsed. The cop revived, spent a couple of weeks in the hospital, and was released. The earth has completed nearly half a circuit around the sun. Spring turned into summer, which is now less than two weeks from giving way — on the calendar, at least — to fall.

But while the rest of the world has moved on, Adelman has not. He is still flogging the incident as evidence that DPD officers still don't have a solid grasp of the public's right to photograph police, notwithstanding its new public-photography rules. One might be inclined to ignore Adelman's complaints and cut the cops some slack for being a bit touchy about some guy with a camera snapping pictures of their comrade, but this would be a mistake because a) the fight highlights several unresolved issues, including tension between enumerated rights, particularly vis a vis citizen photography, and how much additional transparency those new police body cameras will provide; and b) watching footage of Adelman self-righteously bickering with equally self-righteous cops is premium entertainment.

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