Defamation suit against Texas man dismissed under state anti-SLAPP law

Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press / Lilly Chapa | February 12, 2013

A vocal Jacinto City, Texas citizen cannot be sued for defamation after repeatedly accusing a police officer of corruption and calling for his firing during city council meetings, a judge ruled Monday, relying on a state anti-SLAPP statute.

Harris County District Judge Elaine Palmer threw out the defamation suit three days after a hearing explored whether Jacinto City Police Sgt. Dennis Walker could sue resident Larry Schion.

Schion’s attorney Mike Fleming said the case was dismissed under the Texas Citizen Participation Act, an anti-SLAPP statute passed in 2011. The acronym "SLAPP" is short for "strategic lawsuits against public participation," and the law is intended to quickly dispose of frivolous cases filed to silence critics exercising their speech rights.

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St. Patrick's Day 2013 - Parking maps

St Patrick's Day 2013 - Lower Greenville Parking / Traffic Maps by AviAdelman

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Steve Blow: Dallas police officer retires from career that was in his genes

Published: 12 January 2013 09:53 PM

Assistant Dallas Police Chief Vince Golbeck retires from the force this week. He leaves as one of the department's most respected officers.

And it just may be that it was all ordained from the start.

But misfortune marked the beginning of Golbeck's life. He was born to teenage parents in a stormy marriage.

DPD Chief David Brown, Asst Chief (ret) Vince Golbeck, Lois Golbeck

"My father was a Marine. And like in a lot of families, there were domestic issues," he said. "So there was a divorce, and he went his way and my mom went her way.

"This all happened right at the time I was born, so I never knew my father. I never even met him."

He and his mother moved from San Diego back to her native East Texas. And when Golbeck was 7 years old, his mother was killed in a car wreck there. She was 26.

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TABC sales summaries

TABC sales summaries for select Lowest Greenville / Lower Greenville bars, prepared December 24, 2012.

TABC Sales Reports 12_24_12
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Why was Wednesday's pre-anti-SLAPP hearing so important???

Earlier this week, BD's lawyer scored a major victory in the ongoing saga (more like an Italian opera without the fat lady) of Kingston vs Adelman now playing out in the Dallas County Courthouse. To quote from the Dallas Observer piece

Through his attorney, Justin Nichols of San Antonio, Adelman has asked that the suit be dismissed under Texas' anti-SLAPP laws, which prohibit lawsuits meant only to stifle criticism. That motion wasn't considered today; however, the judge did consider whether letters sent by both sides during an attempted settlement negotiation could be used to prove Adelman's assertion that the lawsuit is an attempt to shut him up. The judge eventually granted that motion.

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