After the SUP: Lowest Greenville bars are losing money to Upper Greenville bars

Just the other day, a friend who does not live in the neighborhood asked BD

So how's that Lowest Greenville rezoning working out??

Since we opposed this debacle of a zoning plan, blurting out something emotional and without basis in fact was not a good idea.

Of course, looking outside my front door at the Lowest Greenville WalMart did not make biting my tongue any less painful.

So what's a better way to gauge the success or failure of the SUP than finding something to compare before and after the rezoning, not just down here but to other businesses in the neighborhood.

Hello, State Comptroller!

BD pulled down the mixed bev sales reports for the bars on Lowest Greenville and Middle Greenville for the past year. We don't pretend to be a financial wizard, but on first glance it's very obvious - While the businesses down here were struggling to maintain sales levels (and failing miserably), their business was moving north. Blame it on the construction (though that's been gone for six months), blame it on parking, blame it on bad attitudes.

This story includes PDFs for each bar, plus one big PDF for all the reports, which you can download and read and - of course - judge at your convenience.

And before you get your britches all tied up in knots, all of this information is public record. Anyone can ask for and post them, without permission of any bar owner.

TABC Sales Reports for 11 Bars on Greenville Avenue

TABC Sales Reports for 11 bars on Greenville Avenue

Individual Bar Sales Reports / Lowest Greenville


TABS Report Libertine

Billiard Bar

TABS Report Billiard Bar


TABS Report Mextopia

Zu Bar

Tabs Report Zubar


TABS Report - Kush


TABS Report Terillis

Rohst (closed)

TABS Report Rohst

Dodie's Reef

TABS Report Dodies Reef

Blue Goose

TABS Report Blue Goose


TABS Report Dubliner

Stan's Blue Note

TABS Report Stans

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Legal issues