And how far do those St Patrick's Day parking restrictions go this year???

As if you did not have enough to plan for in March, it's almost time for BD's favorite Jewish holiday - St. Patrick's Day. Yeah, I know the parade may not happen, but that just means more people getting drunker earlier in the day, but what are pagan holidays for? And it's another unholy trinity since SPD falls on a Saturday this year.

But before you and your neighbors start drinking on Friday night, pay attention to the No Parking signs you will see planted in the ground starting Thursday night. The City just posted the official map of where all the signs go, and you can see it after the jump.

BD's ordering his 20 temporary RPO parking passes to give out to the media this week!. Click on the map to see it in full size. If you live on an RPO street (green lines), now is the time to order your SPD temporary RPO parking passes - just ten cents each; use the form at this link. If you need new RPO hangtags, or yours are about to expire, click here.

If you don't think this party thing is getting out of hand and encroaching on neighbors further out, let's look at the parking map for 2008. Parking restrictions stopped short of McCommas Avenue on the north, and at Homer north of Ridgedale on the west, and at Lewis on the southeast corner.

After 2010 (the first year the restrictions included Lewis Street, etc) LGNA's Pat Carr demanded there be no parking restrictions on those streets anymore. It's not like LGNA runs this area anymore (it's part of BelmontNA), but people were parking and partying all over, so we told her to sit down and mind her own (neighborhood's) business. LGNA gets 30 pieces of silver from the party restaurants to install all the No Parking signs, none of which is shared with any of the other associations (Vickery Place, Belmont, Lowest Greenville West, Greenland Hills) that provide volunteers and labor to put the signs in their areas.

We're very close to putting parking restrictions way up to Abrams Road. Those residents are ignored year after year. Maybe this will be the year we wish we did it?

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville