Another POS attorney gets disbarred - this time, it's personal!

Just a few months ago, the lawsuit filed against BD by Lost Society was dismissed with prejudice. It was only just a few short years ago that Fernando Mr. Meth Delivery Mule Rosales tried to shut this website down. Twice.

His attorney Armando Miranda never filed one legitimate brief on his client's behalf, missed all the depositions, and pretty much was a stick in the mud (no offense to the mud). What he did file was the ultimate in unprofessional use of cut and paste. His client was not much better - Rosales was busted for possessing 14# of meth in his car and the club. He's already been sentenced to 12 years out of Rockwall, and is waiting trials in Dallas for possession and filing false papers.

But today, a little legal birdie dropped BD an email. The message was short and oh so sweet - Armando's been disbarred. Pass it on.

Notice of Disbarment - Armando Miranda

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues