Armed robbery reported in Lowest Greenville area

Two Lowest Greenville residents were attacked on Tuesday afternoon during a robbery in broad daylight at the corner of 5800 La Vista Court and Hubert. This is a very secluded corner, on a street that is barely two cars wide. This is one of those streets that you will never know even exists. It is also home to the Edison La Vista Court Historic District, the smallest one in the City. These perps were on the hunt for money and victims.

Stacy Fesler and Tim Crane talk to News8's Monika Diaz about the aggravated robbery. Watch the video, below.
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The attack took place when the residents were returning home from shopping and were set upon by two black males who distracted them by asking for directions. During the attack, the female victim was laying on the ground when an attacker opened fire with a handgun, one barely missing her legs. In all, three shots were fired. The victims were not harmed during the attack. BD has spoken to the victims and they are still in shock. They also have many questions regarding information provided to them by DPD officers who responded to the call, such as saying at one point - These guys (the attackers) have hit eight times today - then later saying - Oh, we don't know anything about other attacks.

The online report for this incident was posted to the DPD server Saturday afternoon (link). The online report for this incident was not available due to problems with the DPD's Offense Report website. Late Friday afternoon, DPD provided a scanned copy of the report (link).

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The LGNA Crimewatch coordinator was notified by unknown parties in the DPD Central Division on Thursday about the attack, and sent a notice out to his email list, which quoted almost verbatim a police report that was not publicly available due to technical / review issues. The other neighborhood associations in the area - BelmontNA (where the attack occurred), Vickery Place NA and Lowest Greenville West NA - were not informed of this event by DPD officials or LGNA. It has been nearly a year since any DPD Central crime alerts have been sent to the crimewatch coordinators for these groups, or your correspondent (who also manages the website BD only discovered the attack while reviewing Friday morning's Daily Crime Report for the neighborhood - the incident was not listed on Thursday's report due to these same technical / review issues.

Here is the DPD narrative, as posted on the DPD's FTP Offense Server on Friday...


Wednesday 4/18/2012 @ 350PM

05822 La Vista Court

Aggravated robbery (primary)

Two unknown suspects took complainant's property at gunpoint. The suspects ran behind the bushes and grabbed the purse.

The two unknown black male suspects then fled the scene in the vehicle southbound on Hubert St towards Ross Ave.

Sgt #6360 contacted Fusion Center (DPD Intelligence) and Dallas Fire/Rescue 17 and 19 treated the complainant at the scene who was visibly shaken and stated that she feared for her life. Crime Scene photographed the complainant and three bullet casings at the scene.

The complainant and witness were unable to provide any further description as to the suspects.

Update @ 9am

An email from someone who has spoken to the victims

The suspects asked the (young) couple, who were exiting their own vehicle, for directions. The young man said the passenger (while the driver engaged him in getting directions) emerged from his vehicle and attempted to get the young lady's purse. A struggle ensued between the victims and the suspects, and shots were fired. The suspects took off in a black Maxima.

The young lady was on the ground but did not get shot. She is very shaken and had been crying all day after incident. This is just sickening that it can happen in broad daylight. Thank God there were no deaths.

Update @ 11am

DPD sources tell BD this report was "returned for correction by Staff Review folks after the responding officers had completed it. It’s not clear what was missing on the original which necessitated its return but I’m guessing it was either the suspect page or the suspect vehicle page weren’t completely filled in."

Other sources tell BD that DPD notified just one neighborhood association in the area - LGNA - but the information was not forward to any other NA by the DPD or LGNA. Other neighborhood leaders in the area confirm they did not hear anything from LGNA about this extremely serious incident, and are - to quote one - getting really pissed off at how LGNA thinks they run things around here.

The DPD Central Division team has been told by BD and others that any reports sent to LGNA must also be sent to reps from Vickery Place, Belmont and Lowest Greenville West NAs. LGNA does not recognize BelmontNA as representing what had been LGNA's southern sector until 2003. Their board has rejected membership applications from BelmontNA residents who are sympathetic to BelmontNA.

Update @ 12 noon

BD has confirmed LGNA was given preferential treatment and details about this crime by someone within the DPD Central Division. This information was not shared to BelmontNA, Vickery Place NA or Lowest Greenville West NA. DPD sources tell BD an update was not sent out on the armed robbery. LGNA's crimewatch coordinator said the details came from the online report, but that would be impossible since the offense report has not been posted pending a review (see 11am update notes).

She was returning home from running errands when someone stepped out of a car to ask her directions. He then pulled a gun and told her it was a robbery. The woman resisted and a struggle ensued during which the suspects fired three shots in close range to the victim. She then threw her purse into some bushes near the house. The suspects then grabbed the purse and fled the scene southward.

The woman received injuries to her arm where she had been grabbed as well as some powder burns to her leg when the shots were fired. Fortunately, she was not shot. DFR treated her at the scene and officers collected three bullet casings as evidence.

The suspects were described as two young looking black males, no older than 20 years. They were further described as being about 6ft tall wearing white t-shirts and black pants. They were driving a white older model 4-door Nissan Maxima.

Update @ 330pm

The DPD Offense Report system is still out of whack, but the DPD gave BD a scanned copy of the offense report - click here to read it.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville