Argument turns into a stabbing on Lowest Greenville

Update Friday 530pm, from the Dallas Police Department

Patrol officers were flagged down regarding a disturbance. Upon further investigation, officers discovered the complainant received a stab wound, left side of stomach, inflicted by a pocket knife. Complainant was transported by Dallas Fire Rescue MICU to Baylor Hospital. [Comments continue after break]

[Update 10am Friday] An argument turned into a stabbing out on Lowest Greenville on Thursday evening just before midnight. One person is in custody on a charge of aggravated assault. The victim was taken to Baylor with a not-very-deep stab wound to the gut.

Assault victim Jake Ferina, 38, of Rockwall, Texas, waiting for medical assistance after being stabbed in the lower gut.

The person holding the towel or papers has not been identified.

DPD Offense Report 0209909-Z was posted after this story was flashed at 2am Friday morning. The report does not include a description of, or the reason for, the assault. It also does not name the assailant arrested at the scene. The only changes to the this story are the inclusion of the name of the victim and positive identification of the person taken into custody.

The victim was identified in the police report as Jake Ferina, age 38, of Rockwall, Texas. BD identified the alleged assailant after the incident as a 21-year-old East Dallas resident, initials JN, using his own sources. The Dallas County Sheriff website confirms that James Nelson, age 22, was booked on a charge of Aggravated Assault at 230am this (Friday) morning. The Dallas Police Department confirms James Nelson was arrested on the scene for this assault.

Update Friday 530pm, from the Dallas Police Department

[Comments from DPD, continued} Suspect (Nelson) was arrested at the scene. Suspect and witnesses were transported to Crimes Against Persons (CAPERS) and interviewed by detectives. Nelson is in custody at Lew Sterett on $25K bond for Agg Assault/Deadly Weapon.

Nelson has one previous conviction, in 2008, by DISD Police Department, for possession of marijuana in a drug-free [school] zone.

The person in the police car, identified as Nelson, was sporting dreadlocks at the time of the arrest. The jail photo was shown to BD's own sources, who confirm this is Nelson at a younger age (see reference to his prior for possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone.. The photos from his Facebook page are included below as reference.

Updated October 28 - Dallas County Jail Mugshot of James Nelson
From Thomas Nelson's Facebook page, July 2012
From Thomas Nelson's Facebook page, November 2009

The DPD spokesperson told the Dallas Morning News Nelson tried to instigate an argument with the Ferina before stabbing him in the stomach with a pocket knife. One witness reported hearing someone yell either I've got a knife or He's got a knife. After being stabbed, the victim was able to walk to the sidewalk and lean against the telephone pole, where an unidentified person, reported as a World of Beer patron, sat with him and applied a towel to the wound. Others on the street grabbed the assailant and held him until police arrived.

DPD officers were already on patrol in the area; an officer was heard on the DPD radio telling the dispatcher in a commanding voice – I need DFD [Dallas Fire Department] on 2100 Greenville! at approximately 1130pm. Dallas Fire Rescue arrived about 1134pm, and the victim (by this time, smiling) was transported to Baylor at 1140pm. DPD was able to recover the weapon, a knife of unknown length, at the scene.

A complete set of photos can be found at this link.
By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville