Austin Police revealing pattern of abuse against citizens who record

Carlos Miller / PINAC

The Austin Police Department introduced a "training bulletin" last month meant to educate officers on how to legally deal with citizens who record them in public.

But all it did was allow officers to create their own laws in order to justify arresting these citizens.

And that was probably the intent of it considering they are dealing with a growing number of activists who record them in public, including one incident in which activist Antonio Buehler outed an undercover cop on video last month.

That same cop, Justin Berry, arrested Buehler two nights later while in uniform, marking the second time since January that Buehler had been arrested for recording cops.

It was an obvious case of retaliation for the video that exposed him in a popular bar area targeting young, underage women who were consuming alcohol.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues