BD exclusive - State Dems cut off Mama's Boy access to voter database

In Saturday's Dallas Morning News story about Mama's Boy lying to get Democratic Party-centric endorsements, it was noted he also had access to the Texas Democratic Party voter database. This system, which is cloud-based, is the framework of campaign databases - for robocalls, phonebanks, mailing lists, voter history and even iPad apps.

BD has confirmed that just hours after the article came out, the state party staff cut off Mama's Boy's access to the database early Saturday morning. To quote one person familiar with the system

It's all cloud-based, but he probably downloaded mailing lists and some voter history files. But when it comes to updating contacts with voters, adding voters who just registered, or even knowing who they talked to before the election, they are screwed. It's not like the lights are completely shut off, but it's a lot darker in that campaign office right now.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville