BD photo exclusive: DPD officer suffers heart attack on Santa Fe Trail

A Dallas Police bicycle patrol officer was in critical condition after collapsing on the Santa Fe Trail @ Henderson Avenue, possibly caused by a heart attack.

On Sunday, the Dallas Police Association tweeted the officer was responding to medical staff commands and squeezing hands.

BD lives close to where the incident took place; on his way over, he heard a DPD officer say (on a scanner channel) - We need an ambulance RIGHT NOW!

These are just three of the nearly 100 photos BD shot on the scene (despite exhaustive attempts by officers to block him, including threats to arrest for stepping on the right of way and questions of why he was not somewhere else). A formal complaint has been filed against nearly a dozen officers for their anti-photography activities.

The complete set of photos can be found at this link.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets