Burglars busted on Belmont! (updated)

Update @ 11/27 - DPD sent us the summary of the original incident report (the burglary in progress) and a follow-up regarding found property on a nearby property. The first report was not posted to the DPD website since it was mis-classified as an MIR - Minor Incident Report (eg on the same level as a traffic light not working, it's a piece of information but not very important).

291468Z – MIR, 5519 Belmont, 11/24/2012, 11:20am. - Officers dispatched to location regarding burglary in progress. Neighbor saw suspects jump fence into back yard. Suspects were located by RO's (Reporting Officers) inside backyard apartment (RO's obtained key from owner), hiding under the bed. RO's determined suspects were also spotted by another neighbor on a Signal 32 call (callsheet is attached). Witnesses saw suspects walking between residences with a bag in their hands. RO's canvassed the neighborhood looking for signs of an offense (Burglary of a Motor Vehicle or Burglary of a Residence and found nothing. Suspect 1 (Burkett, Marcus) admitted to ROs that he had priors for Burglary (AIS shows arrest, DPD, for Burglary in 2007, sexual assault in 2005). Suspect 2, Razo, AIS shows home address 5519 Belmont, and an arrest, DPD, Theft, 2006. On 291468Z, no arrest, no offense made.

291562Z – Found property, 5515 Belmont. Reporting Person was in his backyard (5515 Belmont) and found property near the back fence (wallet, make up bag, cash). Prop taken to property room, service number 291468Z was referenced.

Dallas Police officers, responding to a 'residential burglary in progress' call on the 5500 block of Belmont Avenue, arrested two Hispanic males on the property shortly after noon Saturday. Scanner traffic indicated they were jumping fences behind homes in the area when police arrived. Neighbors told BD they did not recognize the persons taken into custody and did not think they were living in the garage apartment behind the house.

The homeowners (an older couple) were not in the house at the time of the incident.

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More details as we get them!

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets