Campaigning for Dummies, Rule #1 - Don't attend political events

(Updated Wednesday, 930am) BD grew up in Philadelphia, where ward politics was an art, nay it was a science. When he tells people "I knew Frank Rizzo", the wise ones shake their heads in deep reverence.

But Dallas, when he moved here in 1980, was a backwoods town. This was when there were at large seats (way before 14-1) and elections are (still) held on Saturdays. You can't even use a large bullhorn on your car to get out the vote on Election Day.

Fast forward 33 years later, and things are still going downhill. We've got Council Districts (fledgling ward politics), a county government, which has nothing to do with the City government and outgoing council reps bless their chosen successors.

But today, we reached a new low. In District 14, the outgoing council person is not only endorsing her successor, but she even speaks for him.

Angela Hunt spoke for Philip My Wife Is Suing Avi But I Know Nothing About It Kingston at the Stonewall Democrats endorsement meeting last Saturday. Happily, Philip was not endorsed by the group

It's bad enough Philip is trying to ride into office holding on to Angela's skirt, but when will he learn to stand up and walk on his own two legs?? We heard from lots of people that he was a mama's boy, but this is ridiculous.

BD guesses Philip's been studying this book really really hard when he's not at campaign events (he skipped attending a D14 candidates forum on Tuesday evening, too).

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville