Can an intersection be jinxed??

Update Tuesday afternoon, from the CIty's sign department:

The sign tech arrived at this location on Tuesday. He looked at the stop sign from several distances. The only way to make the stop sign completely visible would be to cut off the entire left side of the tree. Rather than do this it was decided not to touch the tree at this time. I am referring this issue to Code Compliance.

The tree in question probably will need to come down. Upon inspection I will also refer overgrown tree issues back several houses to make the stop sign visible at the proper sight distance. I will create a service request for the District Engineer to check the location for possibly needing a Stop Ahead sign to be placed in advance of this intersection.

By regulation, vehicles are not supposed to park within 30 feet of a stop sign. I don't know what the police officer might have observed when on site for this accident. I am not able to tell how close the vehicle is to the stop sign. You might want to speak with a police officer to see if the vehicle parked near the stop sign needs to be cited.

A two-car collision at the intersection of Palo Pinto and Matilda early this afternoon has neighbors wondering - Is the intersection jinxed???

BD has photographed the results of two accidents at the intersection, both of which happened under similar conditions - Sunday lunchtime, beautiful weather, and claims that the driver going east on Palo Pinto never saw the Stop sign on the corner. Neighbors tell BD other accidents have occurred here, but those records are not online.

Today's accident resulted in minor injuries to the driver coming off Palo Pinto, identified as an SMU student. There were no injuries reported in the June accident.

Three vehicles were involved in the June incident- two that collided in the intersection, and a third parked in the driveway of the second house from the corner on the 5800 block of Palo Pinto, which was slightly damaged when one of the other cars was pushed across the lawn of the corner property into a fence.

There is a Stop sign on the southwest corner of the intersection. But no matter where you stand (or drive) on Palo Pinto, it's not obstructed by trees (especially a new tree on the parkway), or any vehicles.

After today's accident, BD sent photos from both incidents to DPD and the City's Public Works and Transportation department, asking for a review of the intersection.

These photos are from today's accident, which involved an SMU student and a local resident. The complete set of photos are online at this link.

Here are photos from the June accident. The complete set of photos are online at this link.

Nearly six years ago, a series of accidents at the 4-way Stop sign intersection of Belmont and Matilda forced the installation of a red signal light over the middle of the intersection. The most damaging accident sent a car through the wall of a corner property in the Avalon development (link here and here).

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets