"Citizen journalist" claims he was wrongly arrested by DART police

James Rose / Fox4 News

Longtime Dallas community activist and citizen journalist Avi Adelman was arrested on Tuesday of this week by DART police for criminal trespass.

Adelman was taking pictures in a public area of the main DART station in downtown Dallas, of a man being treated by Dallas Fire Rescue. "They were picking on me because I had a camera, said Adelman on Saturday.

"I walked up to it. I'm standing about 20 feet away. I just started taking pictures, I don't talk to the paramedics. I don't talk to the patient. I just start taking pictures. I simply observe and document and shoot about 100 photographs. And that's when the officer got in my face and said you can't take pictures this is private. I said no it isn't we're in a public area."

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues