DART drops criminal trespassing charges against Barking Dog

Eric Nicholson / Dallas Observer / 2.16.2016

Avi Adelman is a free man.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit informed Adelman on Tuesday that the agency is dropping criminal trespassing charges. Adelman, a self-described citizen journalist and well-known gadfly, was arrested by DART police while photographing an incident at Rosa Parks Plaza, a transit hub in downtown Dallas.

“A review of the arrest revealed that it was not consistent with DART Police policies and directives and therefore the case will not be filed with the Dallas County District Attorney,” read the letter, which DART spokesman Morgan Lyons forwarded to the media on Monday. “Although the officer’s actions appear to be within her authority, they are not in line with department directives concerning photography on DART property. A formal review of all aspects of the incident is underway.”

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues