DPD Officer caught being a big butthead on dashcam tape

When a DPD officer was being treated for a heart attack on the Santa Fe Trail last March, one officer did his darndest to make sure I did not get any photos (sorry, I did get some).

We don't know his real name (and he was not wearing the required nameplate), but we do know he plays rugby in Dallas leagues. So we named him Officer Rugby.

Officer Rugby.

We don't know his real name, but we do know he plays League Rugby in Dallas.

Notice he does not have a nameplate on his uniform.

Officer Rugby has a really bad attitude. He also has a mean streak, calling BD a 'piece of crap' numerous times.

How do we know he said that??

Did you know when an officer turns on the bubble-gum lights, his portable radio automatically becomes a microphone connected to the dashcam video system?

Apparently, Officer Rugby forgot about that. When BD picked up a copy of all the DPD videos shot that day, he was treated to Officer Rugby's wonderful voice and his comments. All of them.

His last comment is the most fun - He really hoped BD would put this stuff on his website. And since another officer told him where I lived, I have a feeling Officer Rugby is going to be visiting BD really soon.

BD has a feeling the Dallas Police Association is going to defend this guy's right to free speech and being an asshole cop. Let it roll, guys.

Let's roll that beautiful baked bean footage. The transcript is after the video.

Transcript of Dashcam Audio / Officer Rugby Officer Down Santa Fe Trail

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues