DPD busts burglary suspect in Vickery Place @ Thursday morning

DPD officers (uniform and covert), responding to a 911 call from a neighbor, caught a burglar in the act of breaking into a home at 5254 Miller @ Laneri at approximately 10am this Thursday morning.

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Details are pending a police report being issued. We can only speculate that the presence of covert officers indicates an effort to catch someone responsible for recent burglaries in the area.

A DPD officer told BD - "This looks like a good catch for the neighborhood."


Update, 330pm - According to the DPD Offense Report (link) -

The Arrested Person entered complainant's garage by force and took listed property without complainant's permission. Arrested Person was apprehended in complainant's front yard by Arresting Officers after a brief foot chase.

He was transported to Central (Division) Investigative where he refused to be interviewed.

Complainant's rubber inner tube and workout wrist straps were found in Arrested Person's left front pocket. Comp's Giant bicycle was found standing halfway in the doorway of the garage which was inside.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville