Dallas police arrest 2 in Greenville Avenue armed robberies

Update @ 7am Thursday morning

The DPD Offense Reports for the incidents described below have been posted to the DPD website. They indicate that the two incidents did NOT take place near the corner of Greenville @ Richmond as stated in the DMN report. The complete reports are posted after the story break.

Incident #1 took place at approximately 1130pm when the perps robbed an employee of Good Records outside the store, then ran to a waiting car on La Vista Court. Incident #2 took place a few minutes later, at 1145pm. The perps robbed a female victim in a parking lot near 2100 Greenville @ Prospect. It was after the second incident that police were able to follow and eventually arrest two of the three perps.

After this news broke out last evening, local crimewatch coordinators are asking DPD officials why they were not notified of these incidents on Wednesday morning, as had been the practice after similar incidents occurred.

By ANDREW PANTAZI, Staff Writer, Dallas Morning News

Published: 08 August 2012 10:45 PM

Two suspects were arrested on robbery charges after two holdups Tuesday night on Greenville Avenue. Jammie Brown, 28, is accused of robbing two people at gunpoint with another man. Also in custody is Shakayla Grandberry, 26, who police say was driving the car Brown and the other man fled in. Police were unable to find the other man, who jumped out of the car before police captured Brown and Grandberry about midnight.

DPD Reports / Greenville Avenue Robberies / August 7, 2012

In recent months, the Lower Greenville area has seen a spike in robberies, but police have not said whether Tuesday night's holdups were related to previous cases. Police said Brown and the other man accosted a man in a parking lot near Greenville and Richmond avenues and shoved a gun into his abdomen as they stole his wallet and cellphone. The robbers then approached a woman in a nearby car and, brandishing the weapon again, stole her purse and cellphone.

After police were called, the car Grandberry was driving was stopped near Mockingbird Road and Matilda Street. The two suspects in custody have been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery. Grandberry also is accused of evading arrest and marijuana possession. They are being held at Lew Sterrett Jail. Brown's bail has been set at $200,000 and Grandberry's at $52,000.

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