Dead street walking: Turn out the lights, the party is so over (unless you are 7-Eleven)

New late hour rules take effect Friday, but there are already holes in the system

Code Compliance officers walked Lowest Greenville at midnight (with an armed escort cuz they ain't crazy) telling businesses to get ready to close their doors at midnight Thursday if they don't have the new late-hours permit. And by the way, if you don't have a permit, you will get a ticket but you won't be forced to close your doors.

So much for a bad law being made completely ineffective in record time.

On Thursday evening, two code enforcement officers, complete with DPD escort, visited each business and passed out information flyers about the new ordinance, which takes effect Friday September 23 (and not the 24th as many were led to believe. Count 180 days from the vote, carry the 1, adjust for the full moon, etc). The officers insisted the Greenville Avenue Pizza Company had to close their doors at midnight. The owner straightened them out by showing them he had been approved last week.Oops, the officer did not even have a list of the approved businesses. BD was able to recite most of the list from memory, but the officers were able to hit all the locations in about an hour.

Code officers at Nandina's (which has a permit to stay open after midnight)

The code officers told BD they were visiting all businesses open at this late hour in a strictly educational function. Tomorrow night (Friday) they will start issuing citations. If a business does not have a permit and gets a citation, the City cannot force them to close their doors immediately. The case will be referred to the City Attorney, and maybe by the time BD has grandchildren, the case will come to court. The short list of non-bar businesses staying open after midnight and never applied for permits include the 7-Eleven and the Shell station. Bars and restaurants that did not apply include La Casita, Char Bar, Pussycat, Lost Society, Mextopia and World of Beer. Shade was denied, but their plans to start a restaurant were short circuited Thursday when the Sheriff came to serve a Writ of Execution to pay off a $150,000 legal settlement. Yucatan and Service Bar were denied permits, but intend to stay open partying hard until midnight. Supposedly 180 is remodeling to be a restaurant, but we have heard that story before. BD is not sure about the status of businesses south of Ross Avenue, like Tacos y Mas or Restaurant Monterrey.

The code officers also confirmed something BD had written way back in December but no one took seriously: All valet or attended parking lots are covered by the new rules. Forget that very few of these are operating legally anyways (no Certificate of Occupancy as a Commercial Parking Lot, no liability insurance, etc). If you park your car with a valet, you better get your cars back if you intend to party until 2am. The valet stand will be closed and the key box put away. The valet thieves will not be allowed to wait around for patrons since that is considered the same as having a customer in your business, which is what the late-hours permit is all about.

Code officers give Lost Society's DJ Scrotum a copy of the new rules.
You just know the 7-Eleven lawyers are getting all worked up over the new rules. Doubtful, since they never bothered to apply for their permit.
By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville