Does the WalMart construction site have some bad Lowest Greenville mojo??

Over the years, BD has researched the changes in the area even before the bars showed up in the late '90s. The businesses down here put the C in Community Retail in the late 60's and 70's, and residential property was found on what are now parking lots on Alta and Sears Streets.

In 1969, several houses on the corner of Richmond and Greenville, and Belmont and Greenville, were torn down to make way for a really cool - are you ready for this? - Safeway and Skillern's Pharmacy. Safeway crashed out in the 80's, replaced by Blue Bonnet, which was sucked up by Whole Foods. And now, of course, Whole Foods has been gone for three years, which created the opportunity for WalMart to swoop in and begin $3.9 million in so-called 'tenant improvements.'

BD is beginning to wonder if in all the excitement of taking over the space, WalMart's folksy engineers should have done a check to see if there were evil spirits under the property. Maybe an old graveyard or two. We're not sure what's going on, but the contractors are having a hell of time keeping things from walking off the property after hours. Not a week after they installed mobile offices on the site, they were cleaned out of all the copper plumbing - $1,500 gone in a few hours.

This weekend, somebody hit the jackpot, and it even had wheels. A white trailer was parked in the now-gutted Blockbuster space on Saturday, but by Sunday it had vanished into thin air. According to the DPD report, persons unknown made off with $5,000 worth of diamond blades and the white trailer ($8,000 value).

It's getting really bad now - the site is a regular stop for DPD on Monday mornings. It's okay for WalMart, they'll just jack up the prices of bananas at all their stores for a few hours to make up the loss.

Speaking of WalMart crime, BD's been looking over stats for their Neighborhood Market store over on Hall / Central Expressway. You can download the DPD's summary for Reporting Area 2015 since 2000, which includes the Neighborhood WalMart at 2305 N. Central Expressway. This store is close to our area, and unlike several of their other stores, abuts residential property (and a cemetery, but that's another issue).

Here are the numbers.

  • 847 crimes of all types that generated a service / offense number (does not count calls to 911 which resulted in no action taken)
  • 362 crimes were reported on the WalMart property
    • Assault all types - 19
    • Criminal mischief - 17
    • Auto theft - 6
    • Theft all types - 223
    • Criminal mischief / disorderly conduct - 18
    • Leaving the scene after causing an accident - 15
    • Forgery - 17
    • Other (Credit card abuse, criminal trespass, etc) - 14
    • Forged prescriptions - 7
    • Robbery - 4
    • Lost/Found property - 41
    • Miscellaneous - 4

That works out to some kind of crime taking place every ten days. BD has studied the site plans for any sign of a permanent police office or in-house jail, but it's not happening. Almost makes you wish for the gangbanger bars to come back. At least the bad guys only came out on weekends, and most neighborhood residents did not go into the bars.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville