Don't try to stop the cameras when the blood starts flowing

BD has cut back on his wanderings around Lowest Greenville on the weekends. It's not like things are still not hopping, but let's be honest - it's too damn hot out there. That said, a full moon is always a clarion call for idiocy, and Lowest Greenville is no exception.

He was out last night, but by 115pm BD's looking at his watch and thinking, I really really need to call it a night. That's when things went from a low rumble to full-blown mayhem.

The doors at 180 popped open and out comes flying a big guy in a red shirt - flying across the street like a ball in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, landing right in front of the DPD squad car parked on the new street paving. The officers pointed him home, with a warning not to turn around or risk being arrested.

About ten minutes later a girl and her boyfriend exited the same doors, and all you heard was her screams of There's glass in my foot, there's glass in my foot. Funny thing, her shoes were still on and tied really tight at the ankle, and no blood was flowing out. The police helped with their flashlights, but after a few minutes they pointed her towards the parking lots.

Just seconds later a big guy comes walking out, staggers across the street towards the DPD and sits down on the new concrete, blood flowing from a wound in his head.

This was when BD realized things were gonna be fun. Two of the big guy's girlfriends got right up in BD's face, and in a manner that can only be described as polite and gentle, starting screaming at him - What the fuck you taking our pictures for? Who do you think you are? Here, take a picture of this shit!

Like I said, gentle in a way only a hoochie-mama can be. BD is actually fascinated by the tattoo of the baby's footprints on the thighs of the girls on the left.

BD proceeded to ignore her ranting, and the officers pushed them out of the area. But the calm only lasted a few more minutes, as boom here comes another girl out of the club, with blood coming out of her head too. She managed to get to the parking lot near Taco Cabana before collapsing on the ground. At this point it was clear all of the walking wounded were related. The same finger-flicking girl and two males, one of whom identified himself as a military guy (wearing the blue pants and white shirt) and flashing his active duty identification, and his little friend in black, got really really up in BD's face, doing everything they could to stop photos from being shot.

The first finger flicking girl told Mr. Military, Hey, he can take pictures but if you touch him, he has the right to pepper spray you too! Oh, you mean this little blue can in BD's hand??

Yeah, like that worked. Eventually, both persons were taken to Baylor. According to DPD Offense Report #0241297-Y, the female is Karina Morales of Dallas, Texas and someone was actually arrested but not for the assault.

On 9-11-11 at approximately 2:05 a.m. reporting officers were flagged down in the 1900 block of Greenville Ave on a stabbing that had occurred in Club 180. Reporting officers spoke with the witness who stated that the suspect as well as the complainant and arrested person were all in the club when the arrested person became involved in a verbal altercation with an unknown individual. The suspect became enraged and threw a beer bottle in an attempt to strike the unknown individual. The beer bottle struck the complainant in the face lacerating the right lower region of her neck. The suspect and arrested person then fled the location in the listed vehicle. The suspect bailed out of the suspect vehicle somewhere around Ross and Greenville Ave.

The suspect vehicle along with the arrested person where stopped at Manett St. By way of a felony traffic stop, the arrested person showed to have multiple warrants and was taken to Lew Sterret Jail. The suspect vehicle was towed. The suspect was not found.

The comp was transported by DFR 19 to Baylor Medical. Reporting met with the comp who stated that the suspect had become enraged and threw a beer bottle striking her in the face and cutting her neck causing pain and injury. The complainant is in stable condition.

The victim in the first set of photos is identified in DPD Offense Report #0241291-Y as Nicolas Gonzalez of Dallas, Texas.

Omigod, did you see all that blood!?

After the victim was taken away by ambulance, the two boyfriends came up to BD, hands outstretched to apologize and saying, Hey, she just does not want her photo publicized, okay? BD would not shake their hands, reminding the military guy he was supposed to serving our country to protect our right to be on the street documenting the idiocy called Lowest Greenville. That's when the guy got in BD's face and the pepper spray can came out again. Thankfully, the DPD officer pulled the guy away from BD and no one is eating Mexican food all day.

Despite the protestations of the hoochie-mamas, the gangbangers and (amazingly, some DPD officers who are not aware of the right to take their photos in public service), BD can still shoot whatever he wants and when he wants in the public right of way (streets, sidewalks, parking lots). You may not like it, but that's your opinion and would you mind staying away from the camera, or I will just find another spot to shoot from? Conversely, the hoochies can form a conga line and dance around their injured friends to keep from having photos made.

And if you promise to keep your hands off the camera, I promise to not pepper spray your sorry ass.

Update Sunday night There was a third injured person who walked north on Greenville Avenue, while all the excitement was taking place south. Per BD's sources, he was cut up pretty bad but refused multiple efforts by DPD officers to let a paramedic examine him. There is no report on this incident in the DPD database.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville