Four reasons the West Nile Virus spraying program is just like the Lowest Greenville Avenue rezoning

It was a mass effort targeted at just a few issues but hit everything with a giant sledge hammer just to prove a point (mosquitos - bad bars)

It took a lot of public handwringing to get done, mostly for the camera (Rawlings signing the 'declaration of emergency - NSA Hunt holding public meet
ings, both of which were dog and pony shows).

There were alot of unintended consequences, mostly under the 'whoops, we missed that category' (dead birds, sick cats, dead fish - Winedale Tavern, unannounced Certificate of Occupancy fees, stifled economic development, WalMart)

The long-term effects are slow to come out (impact on organic gardens, impact on fishponds, impact on people - bars moving to Skillman/Live Oak causing parking issues, decreased property values, issues re unfair competition)

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville