Happy Snoop Patrick's Day 2013

Update, 1130 Monday morning: After the block party broke at the Lowest Greenville 7-11, none of the staff fessed up to being the manager or caring about the issue.

So, as I am wont to do, I filed a complaint with 7-11 corporate, including this photo. I gave a copy of the complaint to the store manager on Sunday morning. Again, no big deal.

On Monday morning, I spoke to the franchise owner. She was this close to taking my head off with the broom. If you have a problem, talk to corporate. You are not the law here. Yeah, and I already know that.

Then, I got a call from 7-11 corporate.

You are not allowed to talk to the manager or any employee about what happened Saturday night. If you do, you are harassing our staff, and our team of underpaid, overworked lawyers, who have nothing to do, will be all over you like white on rice. But you can still buy our coffee and pastry.


Get in line, lady, you ain't scaring me.

Not at all...

BD's still rubbing the sleepy dust out of his eyes this Sunday morning, so he's not had a chance to walk the streets and see just how trashed out Lowest Greenville is yet. First emails in tell him, it ain't pretty.

Since the party permit does not include Lowest Greenville, the City can't force anyone to clean up their mess, especially in front of the empty storefronts which became impromptu party zones, thanks to a complete (and apparently official) decision to ignore the open container law.

Other notes from last night -

DeSoto police chased a car-thief at an extremely high rate of speed into Dallas and eventually to Summit/Sears. By the time it was over, several Dallas Sheriff vehicles were involved. DPD stayed back, way back, and let DeSoto lead the charge since they don't chase on non-felony cases. Per sources, when the chase went through Deep Ellum, local patrons threw billions of bottles at the stolen car.

Back on the street, the crowds were very very thin. How thin? Last year, you could not walk up either side of the street without bumping into thousands of party goers. This year, it was very easy to walk around, and the patios were not full at all.

That does not count the party at 7-Eleven. By about 930pm, a full blown street party was on the parking lot, car boom boxes blowing and lots of dancing and drinking has had by all. When DPD asked to talk to the manager about it, none of the employees would 'fess up to being a manager on duty. Funny thing, BD remembers NSA Hunt saying the Lowest Greenville rezoning would keep this from happening.

It was all hands on deck last night too. At any given moment, about a dozen DPD cars were parked at WallyWorld. That does not count the dozen of partying patron cars left there all day - WallyWorld made a decision to not sign a towing contract, and instead had employees (not DPD officers as they told BD) swatting away people trying to park and party. For every one they swatted, three got away.

Here's our favorite pics from the checkpoint at Belmont/Greenville...first, trying to get every last drop of the iced vodka beer chugged before the cops made you dump the open bottle.

Then, this is what happens when your low-rider is in the shop, but you still want to party hearty.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville