Here's why you should not vote for The Weasel: He's a big fat liar

In less than a month, we all get to go back and vote - again - for someone to replace NSC Hunt at City Hall for District 14. Not that this could not happen soon enough, but really, could we have not done better in deciding who to put into the run-off? Or maybe we just forgot to get off our butts and vote in higher numbers (only 4,929 people bothered voting)? It's even sadder to realize that maybe less than 2,500 people will bother to come out and vote again in June.

BD would rather work at WalMart before voting for The Weasel. Even if you ignore The Kittens' pending lawsuit on BD for stealing domain names she never owned, The Weasel is so not qualified to be our next council member it's not even funny.

Let BD tell you a not-so-secret secret: Every neighborhood leader BD spoke to way back in August 2012 thought The Kittens was going to run for Council. To see The Weasel come out like he did, just a day before The Kittens tried to shut down this blog, was a shock to a lot of people.

Setting emotion aside, let's review why The Weasel is not qualified to be representing any of us at City Hall.

BD can give it to you in three words: Big. Fat. Liar.

After working on the campaign for another candidate in the race for D14, BD can tell you first hand (and has the tapes) that Mama's Boy will say or do anything to any person or group to get a vote.

You don't think City Attorneys are competent and doing their job? Hey, neither does he!

You think suing people to stop them from building city-approved homes is a good idea? Hey, so does he!

You like neighborhoods? Well, step right into the voter booth, so does he!

Here's a list of just some of The Weasel's claims and lies. You can decide if you really want him to be your next city council representative. Make the right choice, because if he wins we are stuck with him for eight long years.

St Patrick's Day Party (updated 5/24)

The Weasel was active in an effort that has made the St. Patrick's Day parade after-party on Lower Greenville Avenue a more enjoyable experience for nearby residents and visitors. (campaign website).

BD was an official observer of the only St. Patrick's Day Commission, created in 2000 after the near-riot caused by the party. David Blewett, who ran against The Weasel, was also a member (appointed by Mary Poss), along with these people (link and link)

  • Claire Collins, Vickery Place NA
  • Daron Tapscott, Vickery Place NA
  • Benita Bernard, Lower Greenville NA
  • Joanne Rhone, Lower Greenville NA
  • Cheryl Kellis, Lower Greenville West NA
  • Bill Dickerson, Lower Greenville West NA
  • John T. Carlisle, Greenland Hills Crimewatch
  • Marvin Singleton, Greenland Hills Crimewatch
  • Advisors: Ron Walenta and Allen Gwinn

According to Dallas County records, The Weasel did not register to vote in Dallas County until June 2000. The Kittens registered in November 2000. NSC Hunt was not even on the City Council to appoint him. Back then, D9 included Greenland Hills; Mary Poss, Veletta Lill and John Loza put the commission together.

The same people, albeit not all of them, continued to meet every year before the party to review the newest plans. By this year's event, it was so well-organized by the Dallas Police Department that only a few people showed up at the last meeting. After talking to commission members (the ones still living in Dallas), BD can confirm The Weasel never participated in any meeting.

Retired DPD Chief for Central Division, Vince Golbeck, supervised almost all the planning for nearly a dozen events, overseeing efforts by his command staff to make the event safe for the patrons and the residents.

From the article about his endorsement of The Weasel's opponent in the run-off:

As a former member of the Dallas police command staff, Golbeck certainly is no stranger to disagreements with rank-and-file officers. But he said he was not aware of the DPA endorsement for Kingston, who he does not know. (emphasis added).

And here's the story from Commission member Bill Dickerson:

We had to destroy the street to save it. At least that's what they told me.

Again, from The Weasel's website -

The Weasel both forged and then supervised a coalition of neighborhood associations that together have been responsible for reviewing special use permit applications from businesses on Lower Greenville Avenue wanting to stay open after midnight.

The Weasel was not a party to any of the discussions with the impacted businesses. He was not at the big meeting held at Kush (organized by BD and others) between NSC Hunt, City Staff, business owners, NAs and others. Trust me, he's not in this photo (credit: Dallas Observer) with any of the LGNA folks. And BD has a video of the meeting. The Weasel was not there.

LGNA was repped by Pat Carr all the way up to the big public meeting at Vickery Towers, much to the disgust of Pat Carr, because the leadership role (including speaking for the SUP at City Council) was given to Stephen Melendi (BelmontNA) by NSC Hunt.

The Weasel got involved only after the SUP was approved by the Council. He made the presentations on behalf of the NAs (not as their lawyer, see below) on SUP applications before the Plan Commission and City Council.

Only he was not the nicest guy when it came to who would and would not get a permit. Sources tell BD that during his first meeting with a local property owner over a pending SUP, the owner reminded The Weasel they had a deal with NSC Hunt to get the SUPs approved, in return for their support of the rezoning. The Weasel is reported to have said (not an exact quote)

I don't f*cking care about any deals you made with NSC Hunt. I was not there and I did not make any deals with you. Everything starts and ends with me, right here, right now.

Of course, very few SUPs were approved.

I am your lawyer, all your base belong to me

During the campaign, The Weasel claimed he was the lawyer for all the neighborhood associations in the area when it came to the SUPs. It took a few phone calls from some of those same NA presidents to tell him to shut up and stop making that statement. No one made him their attorney and they never signed anything saying it.

(Kinda sounds like The Kittens claiming to represent all the NAs in their negotiations with WalMart. She had no problem ignoring the people who lived less than 100 yards from it, or falsely claiming to represent them).

Transcript of Melissa Kingston, afternoon session, Kingston v Adelman, 1/8/2013

He's a Democrat. Yeah, and BD is a frigging Muslim.

The DMN posted a half-baked article over the weekend about how The Weasel switched parties at the drop of the dime to get endorsements and access to the Texas Democrats database.

He lied to get the Stonewall Democrats endorsement. He lied so he could get access to the Texas Democratic Party voter database. BD confirmed that just after the article was posted, the state Dems cut off The Weasel's access to the database.

According to one inside the party source…

It's all cloud-based, but he probably downloaded mailing lists and some voter history files. When it comes to updating contacts with voters, adding voters who just registered, or even knowing who they talked to before the election, they are screwed. It's not like the lights are completely shut off, but it's a lot darker in that campaign office right now.

Lawsuits? What lawsuits? I never filed no lawsuits! You are crazy!

As the campaign kicks back into gear (again), The Weasel is trying desperately to get endorsements from anyone who will listen to him.

One point many people are bringing up is his propensity to lead with a lawsuit.

In community meetings, The Weasel has made it clear that he does not see a problem with suing the City to get things done, even after he's elected. Notwithstanding the conflict of interest this would present, it's just another confirmation of his sue first, ask questions later attitude.

The funny thing about all this legal crap is that The Weasel denies he has ever sued anyone in the neighborhood for anything at all. He's Mr. Let's All Sing Kumbaya and work together, he says.

To which BD replies

Call 911, someone's impersonating The Weasel and signing documents with his State Bar Number!

BD has copies of three lawsuits – but god knows there are more out there – which The Weasel has filed, signed and / or prosecuted.

DC10-01015 - Belmont Addition Conservation District (Philip Kingston, Attorney) v LeComte Group and Joshua LeComte

The Weasel sued LeComte to keep him from building specific designs of homes in the BACD, even though they were approved by the City and conformed to the BACD requirements for style etc. The suit included an emergency order for depositions, an emergency order for discovery and other legal shenanigans designed to cost LeComte thousands of dollars.

DC-06-00718 Dallas County, Texas, Melissa and Philip Kingston v Michelle Goll

The Weasel and The Kittens sued the people from whom they purchased their current home (5901 Palo Pinto).


The Weasel is representing his mother in an effort to deprive the property rights of a family living in the same subdivision in San Antonio, so she can sell her property to a business developer. The other family claims ownership of an easement on a road; The Weasel is trying to annul that ownership by any means possible. And that includes making shit up.

BACD v City of Dallas / Brittany Bailey (at Dallas Board of Adjustment)

Even before the first spoonful of dirt had been turned for their new home on Goliad, The Weasel and the BACD enforcement committee were all over this, just like they are all over any house being built in the BACD.

After a few rounds of redesigns requested by the City, the home was approved. But the BACD would just not let go. The so-called enforcement committee filed a protest with the City to overturn the decision of the building official.

After a presentation by The Kittens and BACD, who said City Staff had to be contortionists to approve a structure similar to one they denied a year ago, and challenging definitions of what is a story and what isn't, the City Attorney made it very clear - Building Inspections followed every rule and then followed them again to make sure the structure met not just City Code but the Belmont Addition CD's rules.

From the first day of the fight, The Weasel's and The Kittens' names were on all the emails and papers sent to Brittany over BACD's opposition to the home, including letters to City Staff.

Before the final hearing, The Kittens told Brittany that it was in her best interest to take a settlement or risk legal action.

Thank you for reaching out to us in an attempt to find a mutually satisfactory resolution of our dispute. We would very much like to reach a resolution with you and put an end to this dispute and avoid future litigation over this matter. I am sure you feel the same way. (emphasis added)

BelmontAddition - Threat of litigation over 5902 Goliad

After two contentious hearings, the City Attorney prevailed and the permit was upheld. BACD did not file a lawsuit against the City in state court (they could not sue the homeowners). Read Kingston and BACD go down in flames at Board of Adjustment hearing

You represent the whole damn neighborhood?? I don't think so.

During the Goliad hearings, The Kittens made it clear that unless you were on her side, you were less than trash. If you were in the hearing room with her neighbors, fighting this horrible decision, you were cool and important. If all you did was sign a petition supporting the Goliad home and did not have the time or funds to take off from work, you were a misinformed, horrible person who should have no impact on the issues. Even if you lived on the same street.

As part of a massive document dump in the Goliad issue, The Kittens revealed (accidentally?) legal docs they forced another home builder to sign in order to prevent legal action over his designs.

One sentence jumped up at everyone, and it's still impactful today.

For purposes of this Agreement, the definition of "BACD" includes all past, present and future residents, officers, committee chairs, committee members, directors, agents, members, managers, joint ventures, partners, limited partners, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns, and any other person or entity acting on its behalf, jointly and severably. (link)

BD asked a few of his neighbors - Do you remember, in your worse drunken nightmare, signing over any of your legal rights or your property rights to The Kittens or the BACD??

Nope, never happened.

This is called Barratry and it's against the law.

Texas Penal Code - Section 38.12. Barratry And Solicitation Of Professional Employment

Legal Research Home > Texas Laws > Penal Code > Texas Penal Code - Section 38.12. Barratry And Solicitation Of Professional Employment

§ 38.12. BARRATRY AND SOLICITATION OF PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT. (a) A person commits an offense if, with intent to obtain an economic benefit the person:

(1) knowingly institutes a suit or claim that the person has not been authorized to pursue;

BD and many other neighbors never signed any documents giving The Weasel or The Kittens the power to sue or threaten to sue anyone over BACD issues. And BD sincerely believes they did not get the approval of anyone who lived in my house 30, 40 or 50 years ago.

More on this and related issues later.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Legal issues