Indicted Dallas County deputy sheriff was suspended for lying about off-duty work at Lost Society

BD has been busybusybusy with little projects and only made a passing glance at recent stories about Dallas County sheriff deputies getting busted for writing citations during overtime shifts paid for with federal money when they were actually written during normal working hours. So far, three deputies have been charged with tampering with a government document with intent to defraud, a state felony punishable by up to two years in prison, according to the DMN story posted today.

While glancing at the story, BD espied a name which rang a little bell - Johnny Quarles Jr. He was the second deputy charged with seven counts of tampering back in February. So BD dug deep into his files and found out why the name rang a bell.

Anyone remember BD's encounter with Deputy Q at Lost Society nearly two years ago. Bueller? Bueller?

Just a week after a Lost Society patron was gunned down at Char-Bar (June 3, 2010), BD found two deputy sheriffs working off-duty in front of Lost Society. By in front, we mean on the sidewalk by the edge of the patio. BD tried to strike up a conversation with the officers, asking them who authorized their off-duty work for the bar. When they were not forthcoming with the information, BD posted a story - Why are Dallas County Sheriff deputies guarding a gangsta' club? - and filed a complaint with the Sheriff's office, asking for their timecards and off-duty authorization papers. BD was told he could not have the paperwork since they were part of internal affairs investigation.

Fast forward nearly a year, and BD re-filed for the paperwork, including the results of the investigation. Oh my, were we not surprised! The two officers working the patio - now identified as Mr. Quarles and Keyon Hampton, were both given one-day suspensions without pay for

Allegation #1: Dallas County Sheriffs Department Code of Conduct / Chapter IV

4.01 Dereliction of Duty. Dereliction of duty on the part of any employee detrimental to the proper performance of the functions of the Sheriff's Department is cause for disciplinary action. The offender will be disciplined according to the degree of the severity of the violation, the results brought about by the dereliction and the effect it has upon the discipline, good order, and best interest of the Sheriff's Department. The following subsections constitute dereliction of duty:

2. Failure to observe and give effect to the policies, rules and guidelines of the Sheriffs Department and the County as well as the State and federal laws.

It is alleged by [investigator] Captain Hartgraves that on June 9, 2010, Deputy Quarles failed to submit an off duty job card request to his supervisor regarding off duty work at Lost Society Bar.

In his statement to Internal Affairs, Quarles gave up himself, his partner and another officer (Brodnax), while tipping his hat to BD (Click here to read the entire investigation and report.)

On June 9, 2010, I worked an off duty job at Lost Society Bar and Grill. I learned of the job from Deputy Broadnax prior to working that evening. My assignment was to Lost Society Club located at 2008 Greenville Ave. Dallas Texas. Deputy Hampton was aware that unknown gentleman asking for our names and inquiring if we had authorization to work there. The male stated to me that he could not read my name plate because he was not wearing his contact lenses. I stated my name to him twice as "Quarles", and after a couple of times of mispronouncing it, I just advised him to call me "Q". At no time were we working inside of the location and there were no incidents on that night.

I did not turn in the part time card prior to working that evening, but my supervisor authorized my part time card the following day. My original time card was turned in June 10, 2010 with the date of June 9, 2010 and recurring dates.

I planned to work stated on the back of the card, upon Sgt. Dyer receiving the card he discovered some errors. I then filled out another card with the following recurring dates that I planned to work which excluded June 9, 2010.

After Sgt. Dyer approved my second time card the first card was then discarded in the garbage.

When Lost Society's Fernando The Meth Dealer Rosales sued BD, he included this incident in the filing...

34. The title of the July 2, 2010 post reads, "Even the Dallas Sheriff's Department is Investigating Lost Society," which is untrue and defamatory.

35. Defendant knew or should have known that the headline of the July 2, 2010 post was false, especially since the post itself contained no information regarding an investigation of Lost Society by the Dallas Sheriff's Department and no such investigation is occurring or has occurred.

In a later filing, Rosales claimed

(Rosales) suffered damages and a loss of business dealings, as after this (June 10) post, the hired security officers that Lost Society hired for added security at the bar refused to honor their ongoing contract with Lost Society.

That statement was a big lie too, since the investigator determined this was a new off-duty assignment for the deputies, not security guards, and there was no ongoing contract. The deputy who set the whole deal up - and parked his official vehicle in front of the club that same evening for more than an hour - was also investigated and disciplined, but BD does not have a copy of that report. Yet.

While we are on the topic of the Lost Society vs BD lawsuit, now is a good time to note that a hearing on BD's unopposed no-evidence motion for summary judgment will take place at the end of April. BD's attorneys had to file the motion, since Rosales - who is looking at millions of years in jail for possessing methamphetamine - won't sign off on a motion to dismiss unless BD removes all references to Lost Society and Rosales from this website. When will this fool learn that won't happen?

Rosales has filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus, claiming among other things that he is illegally confined and restrained in jail, that he wants bail since he's not a threat to the community, and he is currently unemployed, his business accounts closed, his assets seized, his savings have been exhausted to pay multiple attorneys, but yet he has equity in his home to post bail.

It's gonna be a very short hearing.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville