A Kodak Moment - busted for curfew, flipping the bird at the photographer. How cute...

BD has been sitting on this set of photos since last weekend, even though I posted a few teasers about the bratty teenagers in them on my Facebook page.

Just before midnight, Saturday, August 25th, a DPD bait-car (wired up with cameras and remote shut-off controls) was stolen. That's the goal in life for these cars, remember. The tracking signal was picked up near Mockingbird and Greenville Avenues. Within minutes, it led officers to a location near the Office Depot on Upper Greenville. By the time several squad cars flooded the area, BD was yelling at his scanner, "He's eating chicken fingers in Raising Cane's - go get him!"

BD was running errands nearby, so he ran over for some photo ops. On his arrival, several DPD cars were in the parking lot. The alleged perp was being interrogated in the back corner. And on the sidewalk, lined up like ducks, were four teenagers. Surely not all of these kids were busted in the same bait car, were they??? BD was told off-the-record by people at the restaurant the four teens were being detained for curfew violations and being a little rowdy in the restaurant. No one's willing to tell much more than that. Two of the kids (one was wearing a BL shirt) were with (older) friends in the restaurant, who were waiting around for him to be released.

During the course of waiting for the perp walk, BD took photos of these kids. Maybe the Puppettes knew them, or at least we could show them to the girls as an example to obey curfew and the police. Either way, it was a photo-op we could not miss.

These teenagers were obviously in trouble. There were a dozen police officers all over the parking lot, and they were keeping these kids in custody. Daddy was probably on his way. So what's the right thing to do?? You sit there, be respectful, and be quiet.

You would think so, right? What we have here is a classic failure of teenager intelligence (yes, an oxymoron, but work with me). Instead of waiting quietly, they put on a show for the photographer. After asking the cops to tell BD to stop taking their photos, they reacted in the only way they were taught by their parents - flipping the birds, making faces, acting like assholes, trying to not get any attention at all. When they grow up, they'll surely end up in a video in a drunken stupor on some entertainment strip like Lowest Greenville was.

What they did not understand is that you don't need a flash on the camera to get a series of great photos (which sadly, did not get the actual finger, just a blurry image). But we did get clear shots of all the teenagers. BD can only hope someone recognizes these kids and calls their parents. Surely this is a Kodak Moment they will want in the family album. (BD Note - The two punks in the front were later picked up by Daddy. They live in Richardson, and Daddy is a gastro doctor. Nice.)

As to the car thief, Ricardo Castro, age 18, was taken into custody (per DPD's PIO). His jail booking photo is not available, so this is the best shot you are gonna get. The DPD report is at this link - click here.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets