On Lowest Greenville, payback is a bitch...

One of the biggest reasons BD left Lowest Greenville was the construction of a Neighborhood Walmart across the street from his house (yes it was legal, in a space formerly used by Whole Foods and Blockbuster Video, but it was still a WalMart, for god's sake).

The other was due to the lawsuit foisted on BDby HRH Melissa Kingston, spouse of current city council rep HRH Phillip Kingston. She sued BD into the next City Council district because he dared to oppose her unchallenged rule over the neighborhood, and would not love and embrace WalMart.

Imagine his shock, absolute shock, to see an email from a neighbor in the area quote HRH and her fight - yes, a fight! - with that same lovely WalMart. The message was posted on NextDoor.com for Belmont Addition, but was shared with NextDoor.com neighborhoods in the area, hence its delivery to BD.

From: Melissa Kingston, Belmont Addition LEAD

September 4, 2014 at 3:46:26 PM

For the first time since I began to publically expose the Greenville Ave Walmart for what it is - a souless, vampire-esq leviathan that sucks the life out of its surrounding neighbors (or at least their trees) - I actually got a call back from someone named Robert at Walmart (972) 581-0188. He left a message and said that he was responding to my "inquiry". Ok, so I wouldn't call that an inquiry, but whatever. I'll take what I can get. So, I called him back. Ha! Someone answers that number "Walmart" and then places me on what I think is hold - no, hung up on me. Perhaps they have caller id? I tried again...exact same result. So there you have it - the Walmart Inquiry Department is answered by a live person, who is apparently trained to hang up on you. I'm still waiting on Kellie to call me back...

This was written by the same person who claimed in legal documents that Belmont Addition CD represented everyone who lived in the CD in the past, is living in the CD, or will be living in the CD in the future. Apparently Melissa still believes she is the Alpha and Omega of neighborhood associations on Lowest Greenville and beyond.

BD's sources at City Hall (and yes, we still have some very good ones) are telling him things are getting hotter on the street every weekend. Just listen to a police scanner or watch the active incidents in real time - it's no better than it was several years ago: Non-resident parking in RPO, assaults, underage drinking and noise noise noise.

But it gets better. Dozens of businesses, large and small, have been operating under the Specific Use Permit rules imposed in 2011 and 2012. They can't stay open past midnight unless they get a permit, and that means they need the blessing and approval of every neighborhood association in the area. After biting their tongues while not making the large profit in liquor sales that bars not under those restrictions - around the corner on Henderson, or a few blocks north on Middle Greenville - they will be soon be demanding late hour permits.

BD's sources say: The businesses will organize a lawsuit and sue every single one of those same NAs for illegal restraint of trade, and a host of issues related to what they perceive as subtle extortion by the NAs in order to stay open 'without any problems.'

Payback is a bitch! Your Kool-Aid drinking neighbors can now enjoy the seeds you sowed when you welcomed WalMart and those crazy SUP zoning restrictions back in 2011.

After our original posting, a different neighbor sent BD another Melissa posting from NextDoor.com. We are posting it here in its entirety (no editing for typos or spelling).

BD cannot help but comment on some points, inserted in the post as appropriate. The original email was posted sometime during August 2014, but we do not have the exact date.

In 2012, Walmart opened a neighborhood grocer concept at Greenville and Belmont here in Belmont Addition. Many people in my community were opposed to Walmart coming to that location, but since that's the landlord's call, I stepped in to try to get the best deal for the neighborhood we could get from Walmart. During those negotiations, Walmart made a lot of promises to us about what a good neighor it would be. Well, fast forward 20 months, and guess what? All those anti-Walmart people were right. The Walmart on Greenville & Belmont treats its neighbors terribly.

Case in point: Walmart always said that its delivery trucks would use Richmond (where there are no homes) instead of Belmont (where there are homes). Instead, Walmart has consistently used Belmont. The City put up "No Trucks" signs on Belmont to try to help us out. Walmart ignores those. The result? Walmart's trucks shine their lights in the middle of the night and early morning into the homes accross the street, leave their trucks idling (creating noise and air polution) in front of these homes and recently, one of these truck hit one of the mature trees in a resident's front yard, first leaving part of the truck imbedded in the tree and then, the next time a truck hit the tree (in this guy's yard!), it took out a large chunk of the tree, leaving it to block Belmont for days.

A small group of neighbors from the streets closest to Walmart - Belmont, Richmond, etc - had a meeting with the same persons referenced in this email. We forced a meeting after Melissa met with the same people, and in the process ignored all the concerns the in-close neighbors had - parking, noise, trash. This pissed Melissa off in ways you can only imagine. As part of the lawsuit against BD, Melissa submitted documents showing her cozy relationship with WalMart, and she claimed the in-close neighbors were the assholes. But today, she proclaims to the world the anti-Walmart neighbors were right, and therefore she was wrong???

I have tried for months, unsuccessfully, to get Walmart to address this. Residents in our neighborhood have been similarly unsucessful in getting anything but the run-around from Walmart. Councilman Kingston has tried as well. Walmart recently suggested that the City take steps to force its truck drivers to follow the law and Walmart's own committments. Um, what? Walmart has now gone dark. And I am angry. If you are angry too, let Walmart know.

After the lawsuit was filed, many of those same neighbors turned tail and would have nothing to do with BD. But yet, a year later, he's still getting calls asking for help with noise, parking, traffic. Do you really think BD cares about your issues now???

In addition to how Walmart has treated the people living on Belmont, they do not maintain the landscaping we fought so hard to get installed at the site. More often than not, it is overgrown with weeds.

Kellie Duhr is Walmart's representative. You can email her at: klduhr@wal-mart.com. Kellie's also Sam's Club's representative on the new store going in at Fitzhugh and 75.

You can also send Walmart corporate a note at: https://corporate.walmart.com/contact-us...

I also plan to let Walmart know my dissatisfaction with this store by not shopping there, ever, ever again.

Melissa Kingston

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville