Melissa is damn excited BD's leaving Lowest Greenville

Update, Friday August 9 - Melissa deleted the email / post from the Belmont Addition page at early this morning.

BD has heard about Welcome Wagons for people who move into a neighborhood (if you move into Belmont Addition, prepare for a complete background check and financial review). But this is the first time he's seen someone get so excited about people moving out of a neighborhood.

Melissa Kingston, the Belmont Addition's Conservation District uber-Nazi who sued BD over domain names and Walmart last year, leader of a sub-cult called the Belmont Addition CD Enforcement Committee, and wife of newly-elected Councilman Weasel, could not wait to tell all her neighbors that BD was leaving Lowest Greenville.

However, she made one tiny mistake: BD got the email. Oops!

She did not know BD was a member of the Belmont Addition page. Melissa has refused to put BD back on the Belmont Addition's mailing list since (which she controls with an iron finger) last May, so she assumed BD was completely cut off from the neighborhood grid.

(Read Melissa's email after the jump)

Melissa was so excited about the news that she forgot to include the pronoun OUR in the subject line. For a bottom-feeding lawyer working at a firm full of bottom-feeding lawyers, that's really excited.

Cue the sarcasm in 3, 2, 1.

Thankfully, this kind of immature behavior is limited to a few members of the Belmont Addition CD Enforcement Committee. Someday soon, a builder or new resident will be told by this unholy alliance they cannot build a home already approved by the City of Dallas, and that builder or homeowner is gonna sue every single one of those idiots for daring to act like City officials. And BD will be nearby, watching and blogging the whole thing.

And if we click our heels together a few more times, we may yet see the day when Melissa and Councilman Weasel are both disbarred. Hey, a dog can wish, can't he???

Please, Melissa, don't do a happy dance naked down Greenville Avenue before the Trader Joe's opening party, okay???

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Legal issues