NSA Hunt should atone on Yom Kippur for destroying Lowest Greenville (or, How are those sales reports looking?)

BD's not sure if there is some great karmic message in this, but Tuesday, September 25 marks the first anniversary of the Lowest Greenville rezoning plan going into force. It's also the start of Yom Kippur, the most holy of Jewish holidays, when Jews ask for atonement for all their sins.

For those wondering why we only do this atoning stuff one day a year instead of every Sunday, there was an efficiency study, schedules had to be checked, tickets had to be sold, a caterer had to be hired, you know how it is.

In the last year, only three new businesses - small restaurants - have moved in or are in the building out phase. Other than that, it's crickets every Friday night. Traffic is bad every rush hour, as the beer trucks block up the one lane street and their drivers tell you to piss off through a toothless smile. And god knows Walmart will just make things so much better for the local economy (back in Bentonville).

So now is a good time to look at bar tabs. Not the ones you pay, but how much the bars claim they are selling. One year out would be a good benchmark to see just how much better things are. Or are not. We will let you decide just how things are doing. But we do think Angela Hunt should be saying a Kol Nidre or two for the desolation she created here in just a few years. If this is her idea of a political swan song for her last term, it looks like all we got was feathers and bird shit.

BD can tell you, however, the bar owners cannot (but probably will) bitch about how we post their sales reports. The reports are generated from public records, and many of them subscribe to the same tracking service BD uses (you don't think we do the math by hand anymore, do you?) to watch their neighbors. Shana Tova, you all!

TABC Sales Reports / Greenville Avenue / September 2012
By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville