Now we know why Gloria's is scared of Bishop Arts RPO... ka-ching!

After years of dealing with bar owners on Lowest Greenville Avenue, BD has learned one thing - It's all about the money. The average bar owner on the strip would pay $35/sf or more plus insurance plus repairs, his patrons would pay $20 or more to park, and the drinks would be expensive, unless you were a $30,000 millionaire. The bar owners hated it when BD would post their TABC mixed bev sales reports. Despite the fact these were public records, they claimed it was an invasion of their privacy. One went so far as to say the posting of the reports was a declaration of war on the bars. And we can see how well they managed, eh?

Even Gloria's business neighbors are fighting to keep their parking for their customers. This photo was shot Sunday afternoon, but BD understands it has been in use for the last month.

It's not all happy parking in Bishop Arts. This sign was posted at the entrance to the 611 Bishop strip (Cafe Brazil, Fitness Anytime, etc)

So while BD was looking at the fight against RPO in the Bishop Arts area, a BA resident asked him to dig into the sales numbers for Gloria's Restaurant, the biggest and so far shiniest bar on the street. During the rezoning process a few years ago, the residents were promised, Gloria's won't move (a mile) up the street. Not gonna happen. Well it did happen, and they opened up in an old firehouse (and BD will admit it's a beautiful building when he was in it last night).

Gloria's employees parking on Neely Street prompted the residents to buy an RPO for their block. Even though Gloria's now owns the medical center on the south side of the street, with plans to move their corporate office into the location and provide more employee parking, the residents were not about to wait on another promise.

BD pulled up the reports not just for this location, but all others under the Gloria's flag. We are posting them without comment, but you can whistle at the numbers in the privacy of your home. Mixed bev sales reports are not confidential, and there's nothing illegal about posting them here.

At the end of the sales reports, BD has included a summary of Gloria's major TABC violations, resulting in nearly $9,000 in penalties paid to the TABC in the past ten years. And some interesting City Council campaign contributions by some of the property owners who oppose Resident Parking Only.

This is not to say they are keeping all of their money. According to TABC administrative records, Gloria's Bishop Arts (including the old location) has paid more than $4,000 in penalties and fines - (click here for the full report).

Complaint Date Description Disposition Fine
595679 7/7/2010 Private Club - Improper Financial Transactions Civil Penalty 900.00
595679 7/7/2010 Subterfuge Civil Penalty 900.00
595679 7/7/2010 Misc. Violations Civil Penalty 900.00
595679 7/7/2010 Private Club - Membership/Membership Committee Violations Civil Penalty 900.00
558333 12/19/2006 Open Saloon - Sale to Non-Member Civil Penalty 450.00

Other violations for the company (source: TABC)

  • In 2001, the Frisco location voluntarily gave up its license after nearly a dozen violations including Open Saloon/Sale to non-member and Membership Committee violations (private club)
  • In 2008, the same location paid $1,200 in penalties for Sale to a Minor and Consumption during Prohibited Hours.
  • In 2011, the Fort Worth location was cited for Sale to a Minor and paid a $1,500 penalty.
  • The Firewheel location was cited in 2009 for Permitting a minor to possess/consume and Sale to a Minor - $3,000 in penalties.

The Oak Cliff Chamber is not happy with RPO, and have appealed to City Council Member Delia Jasso to kill it off before things go Greenville on them. Let's look at how campaign contributions might make a difference, cuz you know politicians like the big numbers (source: Dallas City Secretary's office)

  • Gloria's Restaurants Addison donated $500 in in-kind services to Ms Jasso's campaign.
  • Bishop Street Partners (Jim Lake Co) for $2,000
  • Mark Miranda [Miranda Realty] for $2,000
  • Joe McElroy [SqFt Realty] for $600
  • Linda Holt [SqFt Realty] for $1,000
  • Jim Lake [Jim Lake Co.] for $500.
By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues