Purse-snatching at Walmart leads to assault on neighbor

It's no secret the Lowest Greenville WalMart is a blight upon the neighborhood (thanks a bunch, LGNA!). But now it's getting downright dangerous for the locals to shop here.

According to Dallas Police reports 0144385 and 0144369, local couple Chelsea Bridges and Joe Thornton were shopping inside WallyWorld when an unknown person lifted her wallet from the shopping cart. Joe then took off after the perp, ending up behind the 7-Eleven across the street.

The Reporting Person then observed the Suspect sitting on the ground behind the 7 eleven. Reporting Person confronted the Suspect and stated to him the police were on their way. The Suspect then punched and elbow the Reporting Person on the face multiple times. The Reporting Person was able to obtain the wallet back during the struggle. The suspect then left the location. Suspect kept the Complainant’s phone and $57. (Total loss > $1000)

The police report does not include a description of the suspect, but BD's working on that now.

Since the store opened last October, nine offense reports have been filed for this location. Three of the incidents were employee-based (eg embezzlement). That does not count the number of incidents where the police were called but either no report or an MIR (Minor Incident Report) was filed (which is not posted publicly).

That would include, for example, when the security guard wanted BD cited for trespassing just because he reported an 18-wheeler on the parking with the engine running while the driver was sleeping in the cab. Despite repeated orders by the manager on duty, she would not cancel the call. Eventually the call was cancelled, but only after nearly a dozen officers were on the scene.

This record is not so bad, when you compare it to the WalMart Neighborhood Store on Central Expressway near Haskell. They average on police incident report a day, and have an off-duty officer on the property nearly all day. The Lowest Greenville store has a security officer who drives around the parking lot all day (we've nicknamed her Sputnik) watching for people who park and leave to dine at restaurants across the street. She's not doing a very good job either.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville