Random acts of random violence

You've heard of random acts of kindness. Out on Lowest Greenville, we have random acts of random violence - Shit just happens with no explanation.

Last evening was a good case in point. According to police reports and BD's conversations with people who were involved or saw the incident, this incident had no spark, no incitement. Just lots of action and running. And we have the pics to show it.

A Hispanic family was leaving Old Crow after a few drinks (and no problems) when they crossed the paths of a group of black males walking on the sidewalk. There might have been a little bit of jostling for space due to the narrow path, but no more. Next thing you know, there's fists and blood flying all over the place. BD was up near the former Ali-Baba space when he shot two photos (the pics below are cropped in tight on the action).

Right after the punches, the black males headed south and around Alta Avenue towards Summit, with DPD officers in hot pursuit. With an assist from the DPD Gang Unit (out on the street for training exercises), they managed to get two guys almost immediately. A third was located by the DPD helicopter. BD's photos were used to confirm the presence of the guy with the red hat, and the guy wearing the blue and white checkered shirt. There's still a hunt on for the guys in the Boca (green) shirt and the black polo, and a guy in a purple shirt not in the photos.

You can see all the pics here or here. If you can identify any of the other thugs, send BD a message, and he will forward it to the proper DPD investigators.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville