For Sale -

The FBI investigation of John Wiley Price, Kathy Nealy and Dapheney Fain started with search warrants being served at the same time Dallas' leading politicos were watching Mayor Rolodex being sworn in. And in what must be a world record for FBI investigations of corruption at City Hall, they started digging into Mayor Rolodex' campaign relationship with so-called political consultant Nealey just a few hours later. For those who missed the recent buying out of Dallas' southern sector, Rolodex threw more than $250,000 to Nealy to get the South Dallas vote. At least, that's the amount officially reported. Unofficially, it could be billions in walking money, endorsements by church leaders and flat-out vote buying.

In other words, business as usual in South Dallas and City Hall. OMIGOD The next four years are gonna be so much fun to watch.

BD is smiling like a Cheshire cat today. Just a week ago, he was chastised in the DMN City Hall blog for being a sore loser and buying the domain names and right after the election (Why? Because they did not buy them first). Fast forward to Monday and the phone was off the hook. Are you really going to build a website?? Are you keeping the names?? How much will it cost to buy them??

The answers are: I don't know yet. Not sure. And the bidding starts at $5,000.

I am sure someone who supported Mayor Rolodex' campaign (to the $5,000 maximum per person campaign contribution) is more than willing to protect their investment in whatever new project is on the horizon. They can write it off as an officeholder account campaign contribution. We'll even throw in in for half, and you can write that contribution off on your kid's name.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Legal issues