Skillman-Oram framing store booted for coffee shop

East Dallas Advocate, December 11, 2012

Austin-based coffee shop Houndstooth is set to open at the southeast corner of Skillman and Oram, replacing the custom framing store, Gallery Central, which is currently leasing that space.

Stephanie Smith, the owner of Gallery Central, says she found out she had to move from a letter she received the day before Thanksgiving. The letter wasn't a complete shock since the whole area has been a "beehive of rumor" for the past year, she says. Plus, potential renters have been coming in and out of her store for the past several months, checking out her space.

Originally, she was afraid she would have to move to a completely different location, but she says Stonelake Capital Properties, the developer that recently bought that entire shopping strip, is setting up a place for her in the back, behind the coffee shop. They also gave her a few extra weeks to get moved, since Christmas time is her busy season.

"They were nice enough, but it was obvious this is a numbers game," Smith says.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville