So it begins, not with a cry or whimper, but a cut in the asphalt

One thing BD can say about living across the street from the future site of the Lowest Greenville WalMart (among so many other things I can think of) - I have a front row seat to all the work taking place.

And I guess you can mark your calendars as the first day of the construction (oops, tenant improvements) on the site. Here are photos of the as-we-speak slicing and dicing of the Blockbuster parking lot, to be followed by the Whole Foods side. A review of the site plans shows the Belmont entry will be the primary construction crew entrance. After being scraped, it will be filled with gravel in order to withstand abuse. Eventually, the entire parking lot will be re-asphalted, new traffic islands and lights, and updated driveways with traffic signs installed.


More photos after the break...

Another crew is behind Blockbuster reviewing site plans. Apparently they are the lead contractor. Not too happy being on camera either.

The barriers at some (not all) of the parking lot entries are temporary - black felt wrapped around super-strong chicken coop wire. Hopefully they will have something more permanent after the lot has been scraped.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville