St. Patrick's Day 2012 - The blood, guts, unsafe food, trash and photos

The DPD has posted its stats for the Lowest Greenville St. Patrick's Day events - parade and party - and it's kinda interesting what the local media does not include in their summaries.

The official numbers as of Sunday morning's report -

27 service calls

22 PI arrests

5 Investigation arrests - three Aggravated Assaults, Assault on Public Servant, Felony Theft

1 arrest for outstanding warrants

5 misdemeanor arrests

20 non traffic citations

215 parking tickets

13 vehicles towed

For the entire city -

37 DWI Arrests

Voluntary Breath Analysis - 22

Voluntary Blood Blood Analysis - 6

Mandatory Blood Analysis - 0

Blood Warrants - 9

That list includes this couple (and another guy in the paddy (cute!) wagon, who were arrested after midnight near Taco Cabana.

Here's how the DPD caught the guy...

The much ballyhooed Food Truck event on the Arcadia site was the real fun part. The event was so hastily organized that neighboring businesses - the ones who might lose money to transient food sales - had not even heard about it until Thursday. The City's Office of Special Events refused to force Madison Partners to secure a special event permit, which this very easily qualified for (large crowds, parking on unimproved surfaces, sale of merchandise). We're not sure who put the squeeze on OSE, but local residents were able to squeeze back, and hard (yeah, we were not notified either).


Here's the balance of the DPD report from last night...

A food and fire inspection of two food trucks on the Arcadia site showed two trucks did not meet health code and left. Three other trucks were cited for Parking on Unimproved Surface.

If these trucks did not meet health code for this event, how do we know they pass the smell test during the week as they serve food downtown? If you ate at any of these trucks (and BD has no idea which were cited), how does your stomach feel now?

Another unapproved food vendor was booted off the Blockbuster parking lot at about 1pm, but he thought he could set up a barbecue and sell hot-dogs without any issues.

The parade and party zones were both clean and shiny in just a few hours, because they had special event permits which required them to lick the streets clean or else. Sadly, Lowest Greenville (or rather, the few restaurants and bars still left after the new zoning changes) is neither organized or able to afford such cleaning services. That means you and me are either going to pay the tab for our city street cleaning crews to clean up, or deal with billions of broken beer bottles under our tires. This is not the even close to being the worse image we could find, but you get the point.

To quote one neighbor who actively supported the SUP

We just spent nearly $3 million of our tax dollars to clean up Lowest Greenville, put in new streetscapes lighting, and these mo-fo's - the City, the businesses, and the gangbangers - just took a crap in our pants and walked away. Yeah, that works for me.

And finally, here's BD moneyshot for the evening, shot in front of the Subway shop about 9pm...

BD has posted more photos from the annual beer and stomach purging party on a public page on his Facebook... enjoy!

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville