Suspect(s) in custody in Lowest Greenville / East Dallas armed robberies

The Dallas Police Department just flashed a notice to Lowest Greenville crimewatch members. They are reporting at least one arrest (but BD has heard there may be two more) of a suspect in a series of armed robberies in the area.

Less than two weeks ago, shots were fired during a daring daylight robbery on La Vista Court - see story here, see police report here. And then last Friday, another armed robbery with similar suspect information and descriptions took place on Prairie Avenue near Columbia/Fitzhugh - see reports here and here.

In both cases, the suspects were driving the same white Nissan Maxima (apparently they never learned to steal a car before robbing anyone). During the second robbery, one of the witnesses managed to write down the license plate, despite being threatened with being shot for doing it.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville