Terilli's, Dodie's and property owner respond to RPO on Vickery Blvd

After BD posted the story about the new Resident Parking Only zone on the 5700 block of Vickery Blvd., he recieved replies from the owners of Terilli's, Dodie's Reef and the property they occupy.

BD is posting those comments and any replies here for public review without comment. For the moment.

Here is the reply from Amanda Ahern, the managing partner at Terilli's, copied to Dodie's and Jon DuPerrier, the property owner

This valet company is the most professional company that has ever been hired by the landlord, Jon DuPerier. Your comments regarding valet/parking are not accurate. Please direct any further emails regarding valet/parking to (email address for Jon DuPerier)

Here is BD's reply

Amanda et al

While I appreciate Amanda's remarks and sincerity, the photos sent to me by neighbors (and there are more than what is posted), the comments made by Joey to Mr. Bentley regarding the moving of a boulder legally placed on private residential property (a truck hit it, but we did not get a license plate - really??), my conversations with City staff, and activities I have observed at the valet stand tell me otherwise.

The fact that the valet stand should not even be in operation per the original site plans is a whole other ball of chicken fat.

I have also filed an Open Records Request to get a complete set of all documents - complaints, meeting notes, etc.

I will post your comments with my reply on the website shortly.


Chris at Dodie's writes

All I hear from every neighbor I have talked to is that they are 1000 times happier that the center has three restaurants instead of three "bad element" bars and one restaurant so I am very happy about that.

The parking problem stems from Blue Goose, Stan's, Dubliner, etc having NO parking so people are going to lie and use the valet for the new building.

I wasn't even aware their was an issue with these "accusations" because we don't have a valet stand or this boulder in front of us so I don't get it.

Chris M.

PS- There is no way possible to make every single neighbor happy but if everyone wants to meet with any neighborhood association, I would be glad to attend and help in any way.

Letter from (Terilli's) property owner against Resident Parking Only

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