WalMart Lowest Greenville employees busted for embezzling pre-paid credit cards

When word first started coming out last year that WalMart was moving into the old Whole Foods, the first thing BD did was to pull up the crime reports for their (similar) Neighborhood Market on Central @ Hall Streets.

It was no shock to see this location getting at least one hit per day average by the Dallas Police Department for everything from shoplifting to burglary of motor vehicles since the day it opened. They have an off-duty officer working at the store most evenings, based on the sign-in's BD hears on the DPD scanner. So it's no surprise to see that our new neighbor has had it's share of crime in the few months it's been open - two attempts at passing forged currency, to be exact. One attempt to cite BD for trespassing, check.

But an incident in early November caught our eye. Two employees were arrested on November 7th for embezzling $6,000 - they were caught putting $1,000 worth of credit on six different pre-paid Green Cards.

Now before you say, Hey they were caught, that's good right?, let me ask you this: Do you really think this is the first time they pulled this or some other stunt like it???

BD has the greatest respect for anyone who is willing to work for sub-human wages like WalMart employees. But if you are desperate enough to try and scam pre-paid credit cards, then I have to wonder how secure my debit card information in that back office is going to be after closing.

If you shopped and use a credit/debit card at this store prior to November 7th, make a point to check your bank statements for weird amounts and purchases.

Dallas Police Report 0281803-Z - Walmart Lowest Greenville #3171 / Embezzlement
By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville