WalMart Lowest Greenville releases updated site maps and truck routes

During a meeting with WalMart reps a few months ago, neighbors who live close-in to the (under renovation) store at the old Whole Foods location asked for information on truck routes, landscaping and other plans for the site.

As one person described them, these documents were moving targets during the planning process. But today, they released four documents to the residents.

Take a look and give BD your opinions. All comments will be compiled and sent back to WalMart. The store is set to open on October 17, which we understand is about two months later than originally scheduled.

BTW - The space formerly occupied by Blockbuster is being remodeled into the store's office, and will include a training center, a food prep area, an employee lounge, employee lockers and other internal amenities.

  1. An extremely detailed site map as of today's work - link. For those who can understand these documents better than us, here is a link to several site plans from the City's files earlier this year, another link.
  2. Landscaping for Greenville Avenue and Belmont Avenue - link
  3. Greenville Avenue entry enhancements - link
  4. Delivery truck turn movements - link
By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets