What was so important that you could not take five minutes to vote on Saturday?

Less than 10% of Dallas' registered voters bothered to even show up at the polls on Saturday. In a David v Goliath race like this, why couldn't we even hope for maybe a strong 15%???

By now you know the results, and it ain't pretty. We just elected a lily-white scion of Dallas' Preston Hollow neighborhood, where getting your kids to donate $5,000 to a political campaign is not even an issue. This is a man who spent nearly $2.5 million (for reference, that is 2.5 times more than Annette Strauss or Laura Miller spent) for a job that pays $60,000 but carries a relatively big stick - if you are on his A-List.

He won because District 12 residents came out in droves (council run-off), South Dallas came in drove$, and many of us in poor ole East Dallas did not bother to vote in June. Early voter turnout in June was 5,000 less than May - in fact, of the nearly 25,000 people who voted early in May, 12,350 did not bother to come out for June's early voting. Nearly 7,000 people voted in June that did not vote in May, but a large chunk of them were from District 12 and the rest spread out all over Dallas.

We have a Leppert big-business clone, only this guy's a bully, a liar and a cheat - and those are his good points. His crews stole signs all over Dallas (can we say watch for a white jeep or white van??), and when they were not stealing Kunkle signs they were installing thousands of their signs in highways (illegally) all over South Dallas and East Dallas. Code Compliance could not keep up with it, but someone's kid is going to college on all the money spent on signs.

Let's look at just one line from this guy's stump speech:

Chief Kunkle, god bless him for being chief all these years. But he has not created one single job in his 40 years of public service.

Here's my answer, which was obviously not used:

When you call 911, do you want a cop to take care of the crime report, or do you want anchovies on your pizza???

Sadly, the people whose vote was not bought already thought this - and other tripe - was gospel fell for him so fast they burned the knees off their pants groveling towards him.

BD has purchased the domain names mayorrawlings.com and MayorRolodex.com. He cannot believe this forward-thinking, big-business not-an-ex-CEO did not even think of buying it first, but I guess when you are being shoved into a political race you miss the little things, right?

It also could be due to this guy not being exactly the high-tech business exec he claimed to be. No problem here, he just made it easier to create a nickname we can use for the next three years (you really don't think this guy is going stay in Dallas City Hall, do you??). If you think your neighborhood's streets are gonna get any better, kiss that good-bye. If you think neighborhood issues like noise and traffic from bars or junkyards will be relieved, let me ask, what the hell you are drinking? If you have bridge you want built with taxpayer money, you go to the front of the line.

Ladies and gentleman, let BD present the first official portrait of our just-elected Mayor, Mike Rolodex. It's gonna be a fun 3 1/2 years.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall