The bars on Henderson Avenue, and Skillman/Live Oak, are making lots of money too

Last evening, BD posted sales reports for bars/restaurants along Lower Greenville Avenue. And, can you believe it, people got mad.

They were not mad because he posted the reports (like BD gives a flying f-ck that some bar owner thinks it's not of our business). They were mad because he did not include the bars/restaurants on Henderson Avenue, or at the Skillman/Live Oak corner (aka, Lowest Greenville Redux).

Not a problem. Here are those reports. And since many of these folks have never been subject to BD's intense review, let's repeat the mantra: Too bad.

Reports are based on sales reports submitted by the licensee to the State Comptroller and compiled by an independent service. Reports submitted by TABC-licensed businesses with an MB classification are not confidential and are considered public records. These reports are through November 2013, or the latest month for that business to submit a sales tax report in 2013, plus the previous year.

Read all the reports after the jump...

TABC Sales Tax Reports - Henderson, Skillmn, Live Oak

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Legal issues