The first new RPO on Lower Greenville in five years goes for the jugular

The newest Resident Parking Only zone was quietly installed this past Monday on a street that needed it so bad. Finally, after years of putting up with noise, blocked driveways and trash, one neighbor said 'Enough'.

And where, you may ask, is this new zone? It's not in Bishop Arts, and it's not in Uptown.

Ladies and gentlemen, let BD introduce you to RPO Zone 33, which protects both sides of (drum roll, please) the 5700 block of Llano Avenue in Lower Greenville. For those not familiar with this area, it's the center of the only active (read - No SUP restrictions) dining area left on Lower Greenville Avenue - just a short walking distance south of Terilli's, Rohst, Dodie's, Blue Goose, Dubliner, Stan's Blue Note, Cafe Brazil, and The Grape.

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This new RPO is not going to go over well with the Terilli's folks, who are already under the watchful eye of neighbors and City staff for valet shenanigans, like using the service alley without a permit, blocking traffic on Greenville Avenue, and parking cars on unapproved residential lots just this past weekend. For now the RPO only covers weekend evenings. But it won't take much effort to make it a 24/7 enforcement zone.

A Terilli's valet driver caught in the act of parking a customer car on a residential lot. It's an unimproved surface. It's not listed on their valet permit application. And it stopped right after a neighbor shot this photo on Sunday morning.

This RPO petition was completely under the radar, but hopefully BD readers on this street will call and give him the backstory. But some issues are very clear. First, the RPO covers both sides of the street, which means the residents spent nearly $500 of their own money to pay for the petition and survey process and ten signs at $42 each. Second, there are 24 residential properties on this street, so at least 19 property owners were fed up with the parking hassles caused by people who don't live on their street to spend their own money to solve a parking issue they did not ask for. Finally, this is the first RPO zone within the boundaries of Lower Greenville NA, which vehemently opposes RPO (and gets 30 pieces of silver to install No Parking signs every year from the businesses participating in the St. Patrick's Day beer putsch). Obviously the people living on the street were not ready to follow the LGNA party line when it comes to their safety and peace of mind.

Anyone want to make a bet as to when one of the restaurant owners goes on the news and cries the neighbors are heartless people trying to put them out of business because they need every single one of OUR parking spaces for their customers, or that the neighbors should have worked with the restaurant owners, or maybe the neighbors should just all move if they don't like it here? Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, BD's butt!

This is the first new RPO in the Lower Greenville area since BelmontNA flagged nearly a half-dozen streets south of Belmont Avenue in 2007 and 2008. BD has heard whispers more RPO zones are being applied for all over Dallas, following the recent publicity about RPO in Bishop Arts and Uptown.

Resident Parking Only Zones around Lower Greenville / south of Belmont Avenue

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The Llano Avenue signs were installed on Monday, with a two week grace period before full enforcement kicks in. That means after the party shuts down on St. Patrick's Day, you do not want to park your car on this street ever again. For the benefit of the newest 'owners' of RPO in Dallas, here's a link to the DPD Chief's Update, which explains how to call in RPO violations.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Mazel tov!

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville