The mama's boy can't ride his bike alone???

BD has wasted many a good electron decrying how City Council candidate Philip Kingston is a mama's boy who thinks the only way for him (or his wife) to win a fight is to sue just about anyone who gets in his way.

We can now add to that list - Does not get along well with others and Who's your mama??

Lower Greenville biking enthusiast organized a tour of District 14 for all the candidates, starting out at Randall Park near Woodrow, and returning an exhausting but informative some two hours later. If you believe the reports BD has heard, it was a great idea and all the candidates enjoyed it. Bobby Abtahi had to skip the event due to a scheduling conflict, but brought enough bottled water and protein bars to keep everyone riding for hours.

But before the ride started, BD organized a group photo of the candidates. All the candidates lined up with big smiles (not aware of how tough the ride would be). All, except one. Philip Kingston decided to be an ass (decided is the wrong verb - let's say continued) and would not pose for the photo. He was heard saying, No, I'm not doing it.

Click on the image for the embiggened picture

BD checked his legal files when he got home, and the Temporary Injunction only prohibits BD from taking photos of Philip's wife or their house, not him. And he's not raised any objections to BD's photography at other events. So in our opinion, that clearly labels him as petulant.

But, wait, we're not finished yet. After the group headed to the Santa Fe Trail, Philip stayed behind, adjusting his straps etc. BD thought, Oh heck, he's gonna drive to another place on the trail and join the group without breaking out in a sweat. Nope, that wasn't it. Looking over his shoulder, BD saw Philip's mentor and endorser, Angela Hunt, getting herself organized in the back of her family wagon. After a sufficient amount of time to adjust stuff, she joined Philip on the parking lot (big shit-eating grin and all) and off they rode into the sunset.

This is not the first time Hunt has had to hold Philip's hand at an event - She arrived late at the Park Cities Central Democrats Forum on Saturday, and a few weeks ago, made the (losing) pitch for the Stonewall Democrats endorsement for Philip. BD can only speculate Philip cannot stand up straight at any political event without making sure any of his mama's are checking his ghastly ties.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville