A plea to Angela Hunt - Stop the toll road, don't save Lowest Greenville!

Dallas City Council Member NSA Hunt is quoted in today's DMN Transportation blog in regards to the Trinity Toll Road...

Doing [another ballot initiative to stop the Toll Road] so would take too much time and energy away from the goals she's set for her final year on the council, including work on lower Greenville and the extension of the Katy Trail, she said.

Angela, we beg you - Get up and do whatever it takes to stop the toll road. You have killed Lowest Greenville beyond your wildest dreams. It's a ghost town here now. There's no chance of getting any more of your so-called improvements on the next bond issue anyways past the City Council or Mary Suhm when there are so many more important issues - like streets and sewers - to take care of before we put pretty sidewalks in front of empty storefronts.

So we beg you, go forth and stop the toll road. Any more of your improvements on Lowest Greenville (like the WalMart across the street from my house) will put my property values into negative territory.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville